MCM Exclusive: Jay Ellis Talks ‘First Time,’ Single Life, Women & Why He Is Your Man Crush Monday!

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Jay Ellis from BET’s The Game is our Man Crush Monday!  I sat down with him to find out the question many folks want to know…is he single and what is he  looking for in a potential mate?!  While his answers may surprise you, I can only promise you that you will be both enlightened and entertained!

He also shared with us the very first time he had a fan encounter and how new found fame has affected his life.  And after The Game ends, what is next for Mr. Ellis?  Perhaps a seat in the oval office? Check out what our MCM had to say….

Jay Ellis and Cherise Nicole

What was your first fan encounter like?

” I was at LAX, I was catching a flight.  The flight was one gate over, I chose to sit at a gate that was empty, cause I didn’t feel like being bothered with a bunch of people.  So, I’m sitting there, minding my own business probably on my phone or something like that.  And these two ticket agents are in front of me at a counter for the empty gate.  Two black ladies.  And I see them kind of look up. And I see one of them kind of turn and look at her homegirl.  And she’s like (nodding motion) and I put my hood on, and I sit further down, So, I see her pull out her phone and she’s doing one of these joints (scrolling on phone), scrolling through the phone.

Jay Ellis and Cherise Nicole

“It’s 2015 we all know the motion, scrolling through the phone.  So, she gets up, she walks around the counter, she comes over to me.  She says, ‘Are you ok?’ and I’m like ‘I’m cool, I’m just waiting on my flight, it’s right over at that gate.’ And she goes’ Oh, Ok, and everything else is good?’ And I say ‘Yeah.’ Ok, Cool. Is this you?!’ (shoves phone in his face) And I mean the phone was this close to my face! No exaggeration.  I couldn’t even see her face, the phone was so close to my face.”

Jay Ellis and Cherise Nicole

And it was a twitter feed, it was something through twitter, it was an MCM and I didn’t even know what MCM was at the time, that’s how green I am.  I was like a what? So, literally, it was in my face and that was like my first time.”

What qualities do you want in a woman?

“I like to ask a woman for what I should look for.  And here’s why….I think ya’ll are a little like, I think you guys might be a little more discerning….that word could go either way!  You might be a little more discerning about other women.  So, I think a woman has a good clue as to what’s a good woman and what’s not.”

The last time, I spoke to Jay about this, he mentioned that a woman’s neck is the first thing he notices….While we didn’t believe him then, we still don’t believe him now!  Way to be politically correct Mr. Ellis!  He is a pain in the butt! However, we’ll keep him 🙂

Jay Ellis also revealed that his ultimate role would be to play President Obama.  They are currently casting for that part for an upcoming film….perhaps he is secretly up for the part?  We wish him the best of luck!

You can catch Jay, Wednesday nights on Season 8 and Season 9 of The Game on BET!

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