Mamma Jones From Chrissy & Mr. Jones Debuts Ger Commercial For Her Fragrance PUMKASH…Oh Lawd!

Posted by: cnikky


If you’ve been keeping up with another VH1 reality show, Chrissy  & Mr. Jones, you are aware that the mother of rapper Jim Jones is going into the perfume buisness.  The vivacious lady we call Mamma Jones decided to make a fragrance out of the two things she feels men like the most….Pum Pum and Money.

PumKásh which is a combination of the words PumPum and Cash (Because PumPum makes money–as she explains it).  In the commercial for the scent, Mama Jones walks into a club and all the men are captured by the allure of her PumKash (the scent of a woman).  As far as we know Chrissy and Jim Jones have not signed on to be apart of this.  Oh Mamma Jones…..what else can we say??

Not sure if the fragrance is available in stores….But if you want more of Mamma Jones and her antics, watch Chrissy and Mr. Jones Mondays at 9:30pm on VH1!


Watch below:

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