(Watch) Major Trouble at The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Re-Union…Police, Paramedics & Ratchet Ratings!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta


Well….drama follows the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta wherever they go, so we shouldn’t be surprised that there was an all out brawl at the taping of their re-union show on Tuesday.  Multiple sources confirmed to us that the fight involved Benzino, Stevie J., Joseline, Althea, Deb Atney, Tammy and Mimi.

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J
Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J

It all started when Benzino made a joke about Stevie J. and Joseline doing drugs.  Apparently, that upset Stevie J and he jumped up in an attempt to hit Benzino, but security stopped him.  While security was distracted Joseline attached Benzino’s fiancee’ Althea.  Which resulted in all Hell breaking loose!  According to TMZ, weaves were pulled out and when one fight ended another one began. One male security guard was punched in the face and apparently Benzino punched Joseline in the face as well!  Someone called 911 and after the police and the paramedics responded at least 3 people were treated.  The cameras were rolling the entire time, so all of the ratchetness will result in major ratings for VH1.

Benzino and Althea
Benzino and Althea

Stevie J. did an interview on Wednesday morning explaining that he and Benzino will never reconcile their friendship because Benzino struck his wife Joseline during the brawl. He said Benzino never should’ve jumped into the fight between Joseline and Althea and stated that he should ‘let hoes handle hoe business.’ OK….He also confirmed that Benzino hit Joseline.

“When a dude jump into broad business, he might as well be a broad.”

Listen to that interview below:


This nonsense stems from the fact that at one point Stevie J had a sexual relationship with Benzino’s fiancee’ Althea.  The night before the re-union taping, Stevie posted a naked picture of Althea on his twitter page and insinuated that it was one he took of her when they were “handling business.”  Benzino went on twitter and defended his fiancee’ saying that the picture was of him and her. (This is so childish)

“Ok so the lil p—- n—- @hitmansteviej posted a private pic with me & my girl…..who cares, nothing was shown but her beautiful face,” Benzino tweeted.

“Just last week, you had me meet this n—- who been banging out [Joseline] while you was scared to come, I was your bro then, why didn’t you come?” another tweet read.

Stevie is believed to have posted the lewd photo of Benzino and Althea because he believes The Source co-founder may have leaked disturbing footage of an out-of-it Joseline rapping in a studio.

Althea was able to brush off Stevie’s post but was sure to take a jab at Joseline.

“Yup that’s a pic of me and Zino. Not me and random dudes like your h–? REAL AGAINST THE FAKE!!!,” Althea tweeted.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 4.20.00 AM

Producers had to have an emergency meeting on Tuesday night to figure out how they were going to proceed, since obviously they could not finish taping the re-union show at that time.  Apparently, it was decided that all cast members would be kept in separate areas and they did away with the live audience for safety reasons.  This is a hot mess!

Watch The madness ensue below:


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