Magic Johnson Talks To Wendy Williams About His Business Ventures & The New AT HOME TEST You Can Take For H.I.V.!

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Magic Johnson announced show the Wendy Williams that there is a new AT HOME TEST for H.I.V. called OraQuick that can give you results in just 20 minutes!  Technology has come a long way!!

In a really great interview, NBA superstar Magic Johnson joined Wendy Williams on her show  to talk about how he conquered the business world after retiring from basketball and what he has planned for “Soul Train”.  Then, Magic goes over the intimate story of how he found out he was diagnosed with HIV and what happened when he told his wife.  Also, find out how Magic learned to live with H.I.V. and why it is as imporatant now to make sure you practice safe sex and get tested!

Watch below:

Watch below as Magic discusses the At-Home test and learn how to test yourself!

Via: Washington Post,

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