Love & Hip Hop’s Soulja Boy, Fizz & Yung Berg Make a Shocking Confession & Talk K. Michelle

Posted by: cnikky

Watch this Flashback Favorite of Yung Berg, Fizz and Soulja Boy debating women and relationships with me, during season 1 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood!  This is the controversial interview that inadvertently started a beef between Soulja Boy and K. Michelle, which I am not proud of.  I have since interviewed them both and I sincerely like both of them.  It’s sad that an innocent question about ‘What cast member of LHH would they want to date?’ turned into something negative.  I thought we were just having some fun, but obviously it went to far.  This is a classic example of how an interview can go left.  Hopefully, they’ve been able to squash it and K realizes that it started with Soulja trying to give her a compliment. I don’t think he had ill intentions, but I understand that it did seem like he was trying to hide something?  I even thought he was hiding something, hence, why I spoke up!  However, I am sorry for my part in it and I hope I rectified it during my interview with K, where I tried to clear it up.  I never want to promote negativity. It’s all love.  If you haven’t seen this one, watch and comment!  I love to hear your thoughts!

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