Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Re-Union Show Part 1 Was Hilarious!

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The first part of the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” Reunion show aired on Monday, August 27th, on VH1, and there was no shortage of crazy.  The reality show that has everyone talking did not disappoint fans with the bizarre re-union special.  CNikky usually doesn’t report on anything that isn’t positive, but this show is positively hilarious!

The craziest duo on television, Stevie J and his “artist” Joseline Hernandez were ready for the cameras to roll.  The love triangle between Stevie J, Joseline and Mimi still has us scratching our heads.  Mimi is still dealing with Stevie (because he is the father of her child), even after he got Joseline pregnant during their relationship.  Joseline said that she loves Mimi because Stevie loves Mimi and she only wants Stevie for his money and …other things.  Stevie says that he still loves both Joseline and Mimi, and after knowing Mimi for 15 years, he is never willing to give her up.  This dude is such a character, no one could even write a character as entertaining as Stevie J.


Joseline is easily the most outrageous character on Love and Hip Hop and one of the silliest moments of the night was when Executive Producer, Mona Scott Young asked her about her past.

It was no secret that Joseline had spent past years as a stripper in Miami, Florida and she was asked about a particular time when she went by another alias, Shenelica Bettencourt, during one of her visits behind bars.

“I started dancing when I was sixteen,” Joseline stated candidly. “I started dancing at a young age. I used that name, Shenelica Bettencourt. I went to jail twice, well I went to jail a bunch of times, [but] I went to jail twice under Shenelica Bettencourt, which was my fake name.”

Joseline then elaborated on how exactly she decided to go with the name Shenelica Bettencourt.

“The person that I got the I.D. from, her name was Shenelica Bettencourt,” Joseline continued. “I went to jail and I just said my name was Shenelica Bettencourt. That’s where that name came from. I went to jail twenty times. I went to jail because I was working at a strip club and as any stripper knows, when they raid the club, everybody goes to jail.”


Sounds reasonable enough. While Joseline was speaking, the ‘Bettencourt’ mug shot appeared on the screen and she was asked if she remembered what that particular arrest was over.

“I don’t know but I got a lot of mugshots.  I got like 100 mugshots,” stated Joseline.

Oh, Joseline…

The cast didn’t get into the status of the relationship between Erica and Scrappy, but they did address the altercation between Erica, Scrappy, Stevie J and Joseline explaining that Lil Scrappy “Put his paws” on Stevie J and sent him to the hospital.  Oh, lawd.

Erica, Mimi, K. Michelle, Mona Scott Young

K. Michelle and Rasheeda got into a heated argument about the allegations that K. Michelle made against Memphitz for domestic violence.  Rasheeda called her a liar and K. Michelle didn’t take it well.  K. Michelle also argued with Karlie, calling her old.  Karlie refused to admit her age or the age of her daughter.  An audience member asked her if she was really signed to Cash Money.  The real answer…NO.

The one and only Joseline Hernandez

This re-union was pure comedy!

Joseline started the re-union show wearing these glasses…to block out all of the haters….

Can’t wait for part 2 of the re-union, will you be watching??


Source: Examiner


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