Exclusive Interview: LeToya Luckett Talks ‘Single Ladies,’ NOT Dating Mack Wilds & Why Her Man Must Be A BOSS!

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LeToya Luckett

LeToya Luckett is the ultimate BOSS on ‘Single Ladies.’ The R&B singer/actress is now known as one of the most feared and respected record executives on television, but if you ask her, she is the complete opposite of the character she plays on television! I recently caught up with the beauty on the red carpet for the BET Awards Pre-party and we caught a little harmless flirting going on with fellow R&B superstar/actor Tristan ‘Mack’ Wilds. While I am completely guilty of instigating it….it was cute to see him compliment her. But, she wasn’t having it!

Tristan Wilds

I asked LeToya if Mack was a little to young for her and she replied:

“That hand would be rocking that cradle honey!”

But, would Felicia (her character on Single Ladies) date him (Mack Wilds)?

“Felicia has a lot going on! You have to be a certain kind of man to handle Felicia and I don’t know if he has all that…..He definitely has to be a Boss, to calm me down. Well, Felicia down.”

LeToya Luckett

Does he need to be a Boss for you?

“Yeah! He’s got to be a boss. And when I say that people think Oh, he’s got to be an executive and have a certain amount of money. No, it’s about your mentality. It’s about your personality, it’s about how you carry yourself as a man. Are you a leader? That’s a Boss to me. Your love for God, that’s a Boss! Don’t get me started preaching in here today!”

LeToya revealed that while she is estatic that BET/Centric picked up Single Ladies after it had been abruptly cancelled on VH1, she does not know if her character will be asked to come back to the show.

“We’ll see…Hey, Hey, Hey baby I ain’t got nothing to do with that! I was really happy to hear that BET/Centric was picking the show back up. I’ve always been a fan of the network and I think it will be a great home.”

Let’s hope they bring fearsome Felicia back for another season.  Watch the interview to find out about LeToya’s next album and hear how fans react to her when they meet her for the first time!


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