Kevin Hart, Robert DeNiro & Sly Stallone Will Star In GRUDGE MATCH…Sounds Like Rocky Vs. Raging Bull!

Posted by: cnikky

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to see Jake LaMotto from Raging Bull and Rocky go head to head in the ring, well here’s your chance!

Warner Bros has set Kevin Hart to play the fight promoter who gets two retired brawlers back in the ring in Grudge Match.  Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone are now set to play the fighters who square off in the ring, and the studio has greenlighted the film that will be directed by Peter Segal. Entourage architect Doug Ellin wrote the most recent script draft .

Kevin Hart has been doing very well after Think Like A Man, but the draw here will be to see Rocky Balboa and Jake LaMotta from Raging Bull go at it in a grudge match.  De Niro told, he didn’t really see himself recapturing the killer shape he got into when he starred in Raging Bull and in Cape Fear. Now, he’s playing a retired fighter and at 66 years old, Stallone is in impeccable shape, I don’t think DeNiro will be outdone so it shall be interesting….



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