Kelly Rowland Opens Up In An Emotional Interview About Her Abusive Past

Posted by: cnikky


Our girl Kelly Rowland recently sat down with ‘OMG Insider’ host Kevin Frazier for a personal interview about her past abusive relationship.  Anyone that’s ever been in an abusive relationship can tell you that the  emotional abuse can be worse than the physical abuse.  Trust me…it take years to recover.  The emotional scars linger in the back of your mind for a very long time.  It is obvious that there is still pain from that relationship and we’re happy that Kelly is expressing and conquering her pain in her new single “Dirty Laundry.”  Last week she broke down while performing the song live.  This is definitely the most honest and raw we’ve ever seen Kelly.  Who knew that the Destiny’s Child song, ‘Girl,’ was written by Michelle and Beyonce…FOR KELLY??  Well Kelly, that jerk can have several seats and watch your success from the sidelines!

Watch The Interview Below:


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