KeKe Palmer Will Be The 1st Black Cinderella On Broadway & Sherri Sheppard Will Be Her Fairy Godmother!

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Keke Palmer

Our girl, KeKe Palmer is on fire! She just wrapped the sneak peek of her talk show on BET, where she made history as the youngest talk show host ever. Now, she is fulfilling another dream; Broadway!  But, she’s not just playing any role…she will break another barrier by becoming the first black woman on broadway to portray Cinderella in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s famous production.  Following in the footsteps of Brandy, who famously portrayed Cinderella in the made  for television version (where Whitney Houston played her fairy godmother),  Keke will play Cinderella and Sherri Sheppard will be her fairy Godmother!

KeKe Palmer and her mother/manager
KeKe Palmer and her mother/manager

KeKe announced today that she is headed to New York for one month of rehearsals before making her debut on September 9th.  Her show will run until January, when she will return to L.A. to resume the first official season of her talk show on BET.  In case you were wondering, this is not an all black cast.  The only Black main characters so far are Keke as Cinderella and Sherri Sheppard as the fairy Godmother.

KeKe Palmer and Sherri Sheppard
KeKe Palmer and Sherri Sheppard

KeKe expressed her excitement by saying:

UNDERSTAND ME WHEN I SAY THIS: You can do anything you want to do! Your life is your life & your belief in YOU will make it all it can be! Don’t stop at anything, spread LOVE & allow God to guide you, bless you all! Let your light shine my angels!”

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You better WERK KeKe! Congratulations, I’m sure she will be wonderful!

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