Kanye West releases a video for “Theraflu” song….too cute!

Posted by: cnikky

In case you haven’t heard by now, Kanye West has a new song called “Way Too Cold,” or formerly known as the”Theraflu” song.  Ofcourse, the folks that produce Theraflu were not too happy about that, so he changed the name of the song to Way Too Cold.  This is the infamous song were he admits to falling in-love with Kim Kardashian around the same time she fell for Kris Humphries.  The new “couple” has been seen all around town together recently? He also refrences his respect for Wiz Kalifa (who is marrying Kanyes ex Amber Rose).  The song has been talked about for the past few weeks and now there is an adorable visual to go along with it.  This cutie does a great Kanye impression, but warning….the lyrics are explicit!  I’m not sure if this is the only version of the video Kanye will release, but it’s definitely in Mr. West style to cause a little controversy and get people talking.  What do you think of Way Too Cold????

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