Kate Walsh Is Leaving Private Practice

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Kate Walsh confirmed on the new Betheny show, that season 6 of Private Practice will be her last.  The medical drama created by Shonda Rimes was specifically made for Kate Walsh’s character Addison Montgomery.  We first fell in love with Kate on Shonda Rimes’ original hit show Grey’s Anatomy where Kate played the estranged wife of Dr. Derrick Sheppard (Patrick Dempsey).  After their marriage officially ended, Addison moved to California to be apart of a “Private Practice” run by her old friends (Taye Diggs and Audra McDonald).   The past few seasons have addressed some heavy issues such as suicide, drug addiction, rape, child abuse, teen pregnancy and attempted murder.  But this past season, Addison attained the one thing she desired most, a baby.  In the season 5 finale, she is left choosing between her two love interest, (Benjamin Bratt and Taye Diggs).  We won’t know who she chose until season 6, but it looks like she will get her happily ever after.

The show, which has seen a slip in ratings, has been on the chopping block for the past 2 seasons.  It seems like the right time to resolve the open ended plot for all of the characters and end the series on a high note.  I don’t think there is a show without the main character, but we’ll see what ABC decides.  I’m happy with what they did with the show.  It’s a great time to leave.  Good Luck Kate!

See her announcement on Perez TV!


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