Kareem Williams Interviews Cherise Nicole About How To Make It As An Entertainment Reporter In Hollywood!

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Cherise Nicole and Kareem Williams


It’s not often that I have the tables turned on me, but that is exactly what Kareem Williams, editor of RealEntertainmentNews.com did to me when he asked me for an interview.  Trust me, it’s much easier when I’m asking the questions, but the up and coming reporter made me feel comfortable and hopefully, I was able to meet his expectations!  Kareem wanted to know about my experience as a blogger and entertainment reporter out in Hollywood.  As well as how to snag those exclusive celebrity interviews!  Believe it or not, I get those questions a lot on social media, so hopefully I was able to help a few people out!  Thanks Kareem for doing such an amazing job.

Cherise Nicole

Here is a piece of his article:

Once you are done listening to this New Exclusive Interview, you will know that when you go to Hollywoodyou gotta see NikkyCherise Nicole From CNikky.com is a top-level TV and Media Personality that has interviewed everyone from the cast of The Game to Nia Long and Tyler Perry. This woman is the truth when it comes to covering Red Carpet Events, PressJunkets and just getting that exclusive content that all of us bloggers push to get every single day.  In this interview Cherise Nicole and myself talk about Being A Media Source In Hollywood and the pro’s and con’s of being a Celebrity Blogger. This interview is jam-packed with value and CNikky is not holding anything back. Check out this interview out right here right now by clicking the play button.

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