K. Michelle Responds To Our Exclusive Interview with Soulja Boy “You’re Not Going To Lie on My Hot Pocket!”

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K. Michelle


K. Michelle is never one to let a rumor circulate without addressing it. If you caught my interview with Soulja Boy, Yung Berg and Fizz from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, you might have watched Soulja Boy imply that he slept with K. Michelle.  I asked the fellas who from the Love and Hip Hop franchise they would date and who they would not date.

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Soulja Boy replied:

Soulja: “Sh#t……I ain’t trying to get in trouble.  I’m in a relationship like a mutha-f—–! ……. (Pause) I’d smash K. Michelle!! Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!”

Berg: “Oh….Sh#t!”

CNikky:” Did you smash K. Michelle?”

Soulja: “What?!!!!  Hold on man!  Hold on, hold on, hold on now!! You mixing my words up!  Hold on! Check it out, hold on, hold on! Naw, naw, that’s crazy! Hold on now! Naw man, ya’ll tripping. Naw. She gone get your boy in trouble. I’d date K. Michelle and I’m not gonna say nothing else.”

Well…this morning, K. Michelle had an interview on The Breakfast Club, and she made a point to address Soulja Boy!

K. Michelle and Charlamagne

“Can I address something? Because I’ve been trying to be so good. And trying to be so nice and non-intimidating to White people because that’s what they said to me. So, I’ve been really trying to do that so I can be looked at for my musicality.

But I watched an interview and Soulja Boy was on this interview, and they were asking all the men of Love and Hip Hop LA who would they bang and they said me- ok, great. But Soula Boy implies that he slept with me [by giggling.]

(turns to camera) Let me tell you something Soulja Boy. Because I know you’re going to here this. What you not going to do is lie on my hot pocket. When I do something, I say that I did it. So that giggling- we don’t want to giggle about that transgender in Atlanta. Giggle, giggle! So crank that!

He’s giggling like he did. He was implying. When you watch the video, he was trying to, make people think [we had sex]. You don’t play when it comes to me and my hot pocket. I’ve never seen you or met you in my life.”


Interesting!  Thanks for clearing things up K!  For more on her interview check out my friend NecoleBitchie ‘s article.

Watch her reaction below (16:44 mark):

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