Justin Timberlake Is The 2018 Superbowl Halftime Entertainer

Posted by: cnikky

After weeks of speculation, Justin Timberlake announced via social media, that he will be performing during the Superbowl Halftime Show in January of 2018.  While I am a big Timberlake fan and I think he puts on an extraordinary performance, there are a few reasons that folks are not pleased with this announcement.

The last time Timberlake performed during the Superbowl, he was a guest of my favorite entertainer in the world, the legendary Janet Jackson.  She was kind enough to feature him during her performance.  But, unfortunately, things went terribly wrong, when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the end of the show and Timberlake pulled her top off exposing her bare breast to over 100 million viewers.   Jackson was villainized, made to pay a hefty fine and black balled for quite some time.  They even changed the policy of live television to include a 5 second delay because the accident was so controversial. Timberlake, never defended her honor or spoke out about the mistake and he stood by and allowed her to take the heat.  Her fans have never forgotten that. And he has never apologized.

We also can’t forget about the huge protest going on with the NFL right now due to Colin Kapernick being maliciously frozen out of the NFL because he took a knee during the national anthem.  Donald Trump and many NFL owners have openly spoken against this form of peaceful protest for the rampant murdering of unarmed black men and women by police officers.  Some owners have gone as far as threatening to fire players if they take a knee during the national anthem.  Many people are protesting the NFL this season due to this ridiculous violation of human rights  and the ratings and attendance to games have suffered tremendously.  It is even rumored that Jay-Z was the NFL’s first choice, but he turned them down in solidarity with the players and Kapernick.  Who knows for sure?

So, was this the best year for Timberlake to sign up to partner with the NFL….not sure about that one.  But, this is a huge opportunity for him, so…was he wrong for accepting?  what do you think?

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