Jon Stewart Addresses Clint Eastwood’s “Chair” Speech…Very Funny

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Comedian and host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, could not let the weekend go by without getting in on the Clint Eastwood RNC “Chair” speech.  He made us laugh, while making some great points.

On a special Friday edition of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart expressed disbelief that Eastwood “spent twelve minutes on the most important night of Mitt Romney’s life yelling at a chair.”

“This is the most joy I’ve gotten from an old man since Dick Cheney non-fatally shot one in the face,” Stewart said in a segment from Tampa, Fla. that started off with laughs but ended with the Comedy Central host appearing to experience a genuine moment of political zen.

First, the laughs: Stewart remarked that back in New York, it’s not difficult to find an old man yelling at an inanimate object.

“But rarely is that object onstage at a national political convention,” he said. “And almost never is that old man Oscar winner Clint Eastwood.

Stewart went on to mock Republican nominee Mitt Romney for what he saw as an acceptance speech riddled with platitudes and hypocrisy. But for Stewart, that made Eastwood’s speech all the more refreshing, prompting him to call it “a truly hilarious 12 minutes of improvised awesome in a week of scripted bla.”

In a semi-serious moment, Stewart praised Eastwood for helping him understand why the President Obama Republicans love to hate seems so different form the one he sees.

The reason?

“There is a President Obama that only Republicans can see,” Stewart said, a picture of Eastwood addressing the now-famous empty chair displayed onscreen.

Too funny Mr. Stewart…now let’s see what happens during the Democratic Convention!

Watch a clip from the show below:


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