Jermaine Dupri Writes An Open Letter About The Loss Of His “Son” Chris Kelly

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Jermaine Dupri issued an open letter to fans of Kris Kross, pouring out his love for his friend Chris Kelly.  As we reported previously, Dupri discovered Kris Kross 20 years ago and went on to make them one of the most popular hip hop groups of the 90’s.  He was only 16 when he started mentoring them and teaching them how to rap.  The boys were only 11 and dropped their first album at the tender age of 13.

JD and Kris Kross

They grew up together and as you can imagine, Dupri is taking this loss really hard.  He states in the letter that the Chris’ (Chris Kelly and Chris Smith) were more like his sons.  He’s spent more time with them than anyone else in his entire life.  So sad.

jermaine and chris kelly


Reports have also emerged about the possible cause of Chris Kelly’s death.  The 34-year-old was found “unresponsive” by his mother, Donna, on his living room couch yesterday.

TMZ reports that his mother told police he had also taken heroine and cocaine the night before.

After the death, cops spoke with Donna Kelly Pratt — Chris’ mother — who told police … the night before Kelly’s medical emergency, he had taken a mixture of heroin and cocaine — commonly known as “speedballs.”

Donna told police she had personally taken Kelly home to recover from the drug use … just as she had done several times before. Donna told cops Kelly had felt nauseous all morning before passing out.

According to the report, Kelly’s mother and Kelly’s uncle both told investigators the rapper had an “extensive history of drug use.”

So sad. So young.  R.I.P. Chris Kelly

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  • Chris Kaliwo

    R.I.P the Chris Kelly a.k.a the Mac Daddy you music will live 4 ever

    • Chris Kaliwo

      R.I.P the Chris Kelly a.k.a the Mac Daddy your music will lives on 4 ever