Jennifer Hudson Spoofs Kerry Washington On SCANDAL & Explains Obamacare

Posted by: cnikky



Obamacare officially starts today!!! (And it will continue if Congress can get it’s act together and leave it alone!!)  What better way to get the word out about the benefits of Obamacare and how to sign-up, than to make a funny viral video about the most popular show on television…Scandal.  Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson slipped on that infamous white trench coat that Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope) wears  and attempts to solve a few Scandals.  The problem is, everyone that seeks out her help, has a problem that can simply be solved by signing up for Obamacare.  Under the new health care act, you can keep your kids on your insurance until they are 26 and you can’t be denied insurance because of per-existing health issues among other things.  Signing up takes about 15 minutes and you can do so by visiting

Finally!!  Everyone can attempt to get affordable health insurance!!

Watch the video below:

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