Jay-Z, Beyonce & Savannah Honor Lebron James As Sports Illustrated Sportsman Of The Year

Posted by: cnikky


Last night, Lebron James was honored by Sports Illustrated at the 2012 Sportsman of the Year Awards.  His good friends Beyonce, Jay-Z and Coach K came to support him along with his pretty fiancee Savanah.

After an amazing year that included snagging the NBA Championship ring, followed by the Olympic Gold, it was well deserved. During his acceptance speech, he gave advice to young players that look up to him:

What I would say to that kid is there are going to be a lot of ups and downs, and there are going to be a lot of expectations. There are going to be a lot of pitfalls, too. But it’s how you come back from those pitfalls and how you come back from those situations that will define you.

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski introduced LeBron as one of the most scrutinized athletes that he’d seen in his lifetime.

To have the year of scrutiny that you had the year before — and then to have the year of accomplishment — the dignity and class you showed makes you unbelievably deserving of this award. You are in a position of mastery. That’s where you are with your game. There is nobody in the history of the game of basketball who has been more unique than you.

Congratulations Lebron!  Well deserved!

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