It’s Official! Kim Kardashian Is Divorced From Kris Humphries

Posted by: cnikky


A very pregnant Kim Kardashian is finally free to wed her longtime boyfriend, Kanye West!  Her 72 day marriage to NBA Baller Kris Humphries is over.  The divorce proceeding have been going on for over  500 days.  Kris refused to divorce Kim because he reportedly demanded up to $7 million dollars and an anullment based on fraud.  He got neither.  Despite the drawn out trial and depositions, Kris could not prove that Kim “tricked” him into marrying her for ratings.  Allegedly he gave up the fraud claim so they were finally able to come to an agreement.

The two of them agreed to pay their own attorney fees, which summed up to about $300,000.  They reached a settlement today.  This whole thing was beyond ridiculous.  Hopefully all parties involved learned their lessons and now Kim and Kanye can have their baby in peace.

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