Issa Rae Cast To Play Nina Simone In A New Biopic

Posted by: cnikky

issa rae

Our girl Issa Rae is on fire!  The mini-mogul, content creator and actress has just been cast to portay Nina Simone in a new biopic about the life of writer Lorraine Hansberry (A Raisin In The Sun).  Nina and Lorraine were apparently very close friends until her death.  Issa will act alongside Lorraine’s grandniece Taye Hansberry in this biopic.

nina simone

While we haven’t seen Issa act in a dramatic role before, many people are happy with this choice, just based on Issa’s looks.  The beauty is of similar complexion and has similar hair and features to Nina Simone.  As you may recall, many people were very upset that Zoe Saldana was cast as Nina Simone is a biopic, because she is light skinned and of Hispanic descent.  David Oyelowo who stars in the Nina Simone biopic alongside Zoe Saldana came to her defense during our Exclusive Interview with David.  Is this complexion/race issue getting out of hand?  Should we be excited for both Issa Rae and Zoe Saldana because they landed the part because of their acting abilities instead of just their looks?

CLICK HERE To Watch Part 1 Of Our Exclusive Interview With Issa Rae!  In case you missed it!

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