Interview: Michel’e Says Dr. Dre Shot At Her & Gave Her 5 Black Eyes!

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Our friends at Vlad TV recently sat down with R&B Diva Michel’le.  The former girlfriend of Dr. Dre and ex-wife of Suge Knight admitted to the world that she had been abused by Dr. Dre during the season 1 R&B Divas LA re-union.  But, until now, we did not know the extent of his abuse.  During their exclusive interview, she revealed that during their 10 year on again off again relationship, she received several  beatings courtesy of Dre and at one point, he made an attempt on her life, when he shot at her and barely missed.  Here are a few things we learned from this interview:

1. Dr. Dre has fathered between 10 and 12 children

2. Dre had 5 children prior to his relationship with Michel’le and in addition to their child together, he fathered 2 more during their relationship

3. Dre gave her 5 black black eyes, dragged her across the floor and shot at her during their relationship

4. During the abusive times, she would move down the street, only to reconcile every time

5. She gave up on the relationship when he married someone else

6. He had no money, car, or a house when she met him and they lived with his aunt

7.  She had to take him to court for child support

8. She believes her career tanked because she got pregnant with Dre’s baby and had to take time off to become a stay at home mom

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

“I had 5 black eyes….I was getting dragged on the floor, shot at. Yeah.  You know, we partied.  And I guess I don’t know what I always did? And I always say, well it couldn’t be just me?  One night we was arguing and he went and got the gun and I just made it through the bathroom door and he shot at me and he missed me by that much (holds up two fingers).  He almost did (hit her).  He shot at me! And you know what I did, I left the bullet in the hole and it went out the door and then it went through the side of the wall in the bathroom. And I left it there for a while, just so he could see it.  But, he never tried to shoot me no more, Thank God.  But, the beatings…it was a lot.  You know my grandmother said, when a man beats you, he doesn’t like you.  He probably has women issues and it usually starts with his mother.  And I said, you’re probably right.”

“We had been together for almost a decade.  We would break up for like 3 months.  And I would let him sole his wild oats and I was like, ‘Ofcourse we’re gonna get back together, and that didn’t happen.  And I think his last wife…I just couldn’t do it anymore.  You know? It was just too much.  I had already waited out the babies, the baby mamas, the hookers, the hoes.  You know, I was growing up and I was just like…it’s gotta be something better.”

Damn.  This is so sad.  But more common than you think.  If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, PLEASE seek help, do not remain silent.  That person may one day attempt to take your life, or in Michel’le’s case, she attempted to take her own life.  Watch our interview with her for more on that.

Michel’le also shed light on the infamous night when Dre beat, tv personality Dee Barnes after she did an interview with Ice Cube that Dre did not like.  She admits that she was not surprised at all, due to his violent history.

Watch the entire interview below and log on to for more exclusive interviews!


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