Inside Scoop: Single Ladies Star Denise Vasi Announces She’s Pregnant With First Child!

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Denise Vasi and Anthony Mandler


Congratulations are in order for ‘Single Ladies’ star Denise Vasi and her video director husband Anthony Mandler!  The couple announced last night that they were expecting their first child!  They released an adorable sequence of pictures leading up to the announcement using the children’s rhyme, ‘K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

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Anthony also commented on his instagram saying:

“The greatest creation is on it’s way. …feeling loved, humbled and beyond excited. @DeniseVasi my partner,my lover my wife.  MIV #VasirMandlerbaby

While the 31 year old actress may be excited now, she revealed to me in an interview earlier this year, that she wasn’t always so excited to be a parent!  We played a little game with her and the cast of ‘Single Ladies,’ called stay single or put a ring on it!’ And when the question of kids came into play…she had trouble answering. But, don’t worry she eventually gave in and said she agreed to have kids with her husband.

Denise Vasi and Cherise Nicole

If your man did not want children, would you remain single or put a ring on it?

“Oh. Old Denise, new Denise. Single Denise, married Denise.  I feel like this one’s gonna get me in trouble.  He does not want kids? I’m gonna say, put a ring on it.  No! ”

“The Ring is on it and I’ve agreed to have children.  I want, I would want my man if I really loved him I would want little ones of him, running around.”

In part 2 of that interview, I spoke to Denise about why she decided to marry Anthony Madler.

denise Vasi and Cherise nIcole

I asked Denise Vasi how she knew her husband, Anthony Madler was the one?

“He said, ‘Hello, I’m so sorry I’m late.  My name is Anthony Mandler.’  I don’t even know how?  I can prove it to anybody.  I have the email saved from the day that I meant him.  I came home and I was like, ‘Girl, I just meant my future ex-husband!’  It’s kind of this joke because between me and my girlfriends I was the one they least expected to get married. I was not getting married.  I was going to travel the world and take care of my family.  I don’t know?  I was into having experiences and having relationships and saying Thank you.  I taught you, you taught me.  This has been great, I have to go now.  I moved to California.  So many things were always constantly changing in my life.  I started modeling when I was 12. I was traveling a lot.  There wasn’t much stability and marriage is about stability.  And so I never thought it was something for me.  But, I don’t know?  When I meant him, something whispered in my ear.  I just knew. “

Love it! Congratulations Denise and Anthony!  I can honestly say that I really love Denise’s personality.  She may be strikingly beautiful, but she just acts like your everyday around the way girl from Brooklyn.  I really liked her. There is no word on the baby’s due date yet, but it looks as though she is at least 4 months along!  ‘Single Ladies’ returns for season 4 in 2015, but this time you can only watch it on Centric.

Watch the interview below:


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