Idris Elba Taking A Break From Acting To Pursue Music Career

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Idris Elba just announced that he is taking a break from acting this year so he can concentrate on his music career.  The sexy British actor has been dominating both the box office and the television since his break-out role as Stringer Bell on “The Wire.”  We’ve loved him in Thor, Prometheus, Luther, The Big C, Takers, This Christmas, Daddy’s Little Girls, The Office and many many more.  But he is ready to take a break and go back to his roots of music.

Remember when he released the video for his song, “Private Garden?”

Watch below:

The British actor has been a  DJ, well before he started acting, under the name Driis.  He is in the middle of a seven-week residency at a London nightclub.

Elba, who has also directed a video for folk rockers Mumford & Sons, has now revealed he is embarking on an acting hiatus in a bid to further his music career.  Watch Idris rap HERE.

“This year I’m not going to work as an actor so I can concentrate on music,” he told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper. “I do it from the heart, not for the money.”

Well, Idris, I think we’d watch him do anything!



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