Idris Elba Raps In A New Video By English Band THE MILK

Posted by: cnikky


Idris Elba is quickly becming known as the British ‘Denzel.’  In addition to being a very succesful actor, Elba has a passion for music. We’ve seen him sing, DJ, and now he’s busting a rhyme.  The “Luther” star appears in a music video by The Milk performing their song Picking Up The Pieces.

If you want to skip right to Idris, go to the 2:20 mark!

Idris shows off his sultry singing voice as well as his rapping skills in his music video he released last year for his song Private Garden.


He’s so handsome, I don’t think the ladies will care if he’s rapping, singing, acting or just standing there.  Do your thing Idris!

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