Hurricane SANDY Sweeping The East Coast, Largest Power Outage In NewYork History

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Hurrican Sandy is sweeping across the East coast and causing damage along the way.  Broadway has been shut down, and media outlets, such as the Huffington Post went off line yesterday due to extreme flooding.  We’ve never seen the streets of New York so empty.  Late Night with Jimmy Fallon as well as David Letterman aired last night with no audience.  Live With Kelly and Michael will show a re-run today.

According to Deadline:

Television, radio, and online news outlets are racing to keep up with the breaking Frankenstorm crisis now moving from the Mid Atlantic into the Midwest. An estimated 7.1 million people and climbing up and down the East Coast and beyond are without power post-midnight Tuesday. And authorities now say it may be a week before it’s restored. This includes Lower Manhattan (south of 40th Street, the largest power outage in NYC history) which was plunged into darkness. Flooding, fires, and falling trees along the coastline from Virginia to Maine, including the NYC subway tunnels, occupy the time and worry of emergency officials who expect massive damage come daylight. News reports say at least  14 Hurricane Sandy deaths confirmed.

But there is some good news: weathercasters say the surge is receding, although it returns in the morning. It’s clear from early assessments that this will impact all facets of entertainment – especially TV.


Watch Jimmy Fallon perform his opening monologue last night, with no audience below:


We hope that everyone stays safe and sound. Hurricanes are no joke.  It’s should pass in a day or so…hopefully.


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