Hugh Hefner Is Now Officially Married! The Run-A-Way Bride Has Returned

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Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner arr

The world’s most famous “Playboy,” is officially off the market.  Last night, the owner and creator of Playboy married his girlfriend, Crystal Harris in a simple ceremony at the Playboy mansion.

Yes, this is the same Crystal ththat called off their wedding (one day before the ceremony) when she hopped in her car and kept driving and didn’t come back.  Then she went on the Howard Stern show and bashed Hefner and tried to start a career as a pop star (but obviously that failed).  We suppose that since her career didn’t take off, she decided to come ‘back to the mansion and marry Hefner.  Why did he take her back…I don’t know?’

Hugh’s former main girlfriend, Holly Madison (Girl’s Next Door) was genuinely in-love with Hugh and wanted to marry him (loved Holly).  However, Hugh was not ready (which he later regretted) and he couldn’t get her pregnant, even though they tried many times.  Holly is currently pregnant, so I guess it worked out for everyone.

According to TMZ, 26-year-old Harris and 86-year-old Hefner tied the knot at the Playboy Mansion before the Lothario’s annual New Year’s Eve party.


“Today is the day I become Mrs. Hugh Hefner. Feeling very happy, lucky, and blessed,” Harris tweeted before she said “I do.”

This is the third marriage for Hefner. He was previously married to Mildred Williams (1949 – 1959) and Kimberley Conrad (1989 – 2010).


Source/Pics: Huffington Post/TMZ, Twitter/Getty

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