Hot Topic Movie: Viola Davis, Maggie Gyllenhaal Fight To Conquer The Education System In WON’T BACK DOWN!

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Academy Award® nominees Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis are two determined mothers, one a teacher, who will stop at nothing to transform their children’s failing inner city school.  The film has become a hot topic among critics who believe it fails to realistically address the struggles parents are going through every day with education for their children.  The problem…the film is supposed to be based on a true story, but no one seems to have ever heard of this story?

Gyllenhaal plays Jamie, a struggling single mom determined that her dyslexic daughter, Malia (Emily Alyn Lind), get the best education possible. But Malia is floundering because she is sidelined at a failing inner-city school with a teacher who is going through the motions.

According to the L.A. Times:

Although the film claims to have been inspired by actual events, the truth is that there hasn’t yet been a school takeover via parent trigger (and the parent takeover in the movie only slightly resembles how the law works).

The movie does an injustice to both serious school reform and the education system it targets by smugly oversimplifying the problems in public schooling — and the remedies — to the point where they are nearly unrecognizable. And whose bad idea was it to have a white mom be the chief “rescuer” of a low-performing inner-city school when in reality almost all of the students at such schools are black and Latino — as are the parents who try to bring about change?

According to USA Today:

The most fully rounded character is Davis’ Nona. One of her generation’s finest actresses, Davis gives the part her all, resulting in a sympathetic, multidimensional portrayal. Gyllenhaal’s Jamie falls into The Blind Side format of committed white person coming in to save the day, stopping at nothing to help inner-city kids win a good education.


Watch the trailer below, Will you be watching Won’t Back Down?


Via: USA Today, L.A. Times

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