Hot New Video: Keyshia Cole “TRUST AND BELIEVE”

Posted by: cnikky

Keyshia Cole is bringing the anthems for the ladies again.  Her latest video TRUST AND BELIEVE directed by Benny Boom addresses an issue we’ve all dealt with…a cheating spouse.  But this plot thickens…when your man ain’t doing you right, who do you confide in?  Your best friend?  Well, what if your  man is cheating with your best friend?!!!  Exactly.

The video is starring BOSS star Rotimi as the cheating boyfriend and Tae Heckard, as the trifling best friend.

Benny Boom bringing out the Oakland Keyshia we love.  In four minutes, she’s singing her heart out in the rain, busting windows out of cars and catching her friend with her man.  The ending is a bit dramatic, but I still like it.  Let me know what you think?

 Watch the video below:


Source/Pics: Youtube, Necole Bithcie, Vevo

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