Hot Mess: Ray J Premieres His Video About Kim Kardashian “I Hit It First”

Posted by: cnikky


Yes, Ray J, we all know that Kim Kardashian had her first taste of fame because of the exposure of your sex tape with her, but that was years ago! Although the reality show queen has built an empire of television shows, movie roles, fragrances, clothing lines, retail stores, make-up lines, books and more, Ray J wants everyone to know she is only famous because he “Put Her On.” Really Ray J?!

In a very tacky move, Ray J released a song and a video about how Kim Kardashian may have gone on to date and marry ball players and rappers, but he hit that first.  Wow.  He even hired a Kim K. look alike to be in his video.


Instead of being empowering for people dealing with break-ups, this just looks desperate.  Kim is pregnant with Kanye West’s baby and seems to be very happy in her life.  Isn’t it time for Ray J to move on?

Watch the video below:


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