HBO’s True Blood is Back…There’s a New Vampire in Town

Posted by: cnikky

The wait is over!  True Blood is back and ready to answer the questions we had all year!  Did they really kill off Tara? What is Reverend Steve Newlin doing on Jason’s doorstep and what will happen with Jason and Jessica? What will Alcide do when he finds out Sookie killed Debbie and what will the pack of wolves do with Sam Merlott?  Let’s not forget poor Lafayette who seems to loose everyone he loves.  Will his magic become more powerful or will he loose it all?  It begins…

In the season 5 opener we discover that Tara is dead after being shot by Debbie.  So, what else would Sookie and Lafayette do but enlist the help of Pam to turn Tara into the one thing she hates the most…A Vampire!   We wait until the end of episode 1 to see Tara burst out of the grave and attack Sookie.  She seems to be a different character this season.  I have to admit, it’s nice to see them doing something different with her character.  Should be interesting.

Reverend Steve Newlin had shown up on Jason Stackhouse’s doorstep in the final moments of season 4.  He’s back, but the once Fang Hater is now a vampire!  After glamoring Jason into letting him into his house, Steve reveals another surprise. He likes men. Specifically, Jason.  This isn’t the first gay vampire we’ve seen on the show, but he is definitely the first gay-reverend-vampire! Steve admits, now that he is a vampire he feels free to be who he really is! (You betta be free Steve!)  He wants Jason and he wants him bad.  Jessica intervened this time, but what extremes will Steve go to to win his heart, we will have to watch and see??

Bill and Eric are grabbed by the Authority and stuffed into a trunk after killing Vampire Authority member Nan, they eventually escape by blowing the car up.  It looks as though they are going up against the Authority again this season, or do they have a common enemy that arose from the dead?? Does Russel Edgington ring a bell?

Sam Merlotte was surrounded by wolves that believe he killed their pack leader. Even though Sam wasn’t the one who killed Marcus, he claims he is because he wants to protect Alcide.  When the pack finds out it was Alcide that killed Marcus it seems as though there will be war amongst the wolves.

Lafayette is considering suicide after the loss of his lover.  He is finding it hard to learn how to go on without him and the “loss” of his cousin Tara.  He refuses Alcide’s invitation to protect Sookie from Russell Edgington saying “No More Magic, Vampires and Werewolves!”  How long will that last?

The season 5 opener planted a lot of new seeds for the upcoming season.  Will you be watching?


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