Halle Berry Talks Self Esteem, Being Bi-Racial & Picking Mr. Right

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Oscar Award winning actress Halle Berry opened her heart in the newest issue of T Magazine.  The gorgeous 46 year old mommy is engaged to actor Oliver Martinez, and is currently fighting in court for the right to move her daughter out of the country to provide her with a paparazzi free life.

Inside, she talked about what it was like to grow up bi-racial (while comparing it to a secret society), as well as why she believe she has a hard time finding Mr. Right, how she felt after she won her Oscar and her continued troubles with being stalked by Paparazzi.  She also revealed that she always felt like the underdog growing up which made her an over-achiever.

It’s hard to believe that someone known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, has struggles with seld esteem, but the truth is, learning to love yourself, starts on the inside.

Catch excerpts from the very candid and revealing interview below:

On how her mother helped shape her into the women she has become My mother helped me identify myself the way the world would identify me. Bloodlines didn’t matter as much as how I would be perceived” — as beautiful but also as a black woman in a world in which the images of beautiful, successful black women were notably absent.

On being mixed race Being biracial is sort of like being in a secret society. Most people I know of that mix have a real ability to be in a room with anyone, black or white.

On her beauty and self-esteem Just because they see my face doesn’t mean they see me. A person’s self-esteem has nothing to do with how she looks. If it’s true that I’m beautiful, I’m proof of that. Self-esteem comes from who you have in your life. How you were raised. What you struggled with as a child.

On why she is grounded I come from humble beginnings. I always felt like the underdog. Behind the eight ball. I learned not to be too high on the hog. Even that night I won the Oscar, I had a fundamental knowing, it was just a moment in time. Driving home that night, back to my house, I felt like Cinderella. I said, ‘When this night is over, I’m going back to who I was.’ And I did.

On being hounded by paparazzi day in day out They’re outside my house every morning, I get it about the celebrity stuff. It’s part of my job to recognize that there’s a certain part of my life the public wants to hear about. But it’s not okay that they’re doing terrible things to my daughter. One night, after they chased us, it took me two hours just to get her calmed down enough to get to sleep.

On why she hasn’t been able to find the right partner God just wanted to mix up my life. Maybe he was thinking, ‘This girl can’t get everything! I’m going to give her a broken picker.

On why she so desperately wants to move out of America I can’t grow my daughter in L.A. You take a little child who is just trying to learn about the world and have all these people with cameras chasing after her, calling things out to her about her mother. It’s starting to make her feel special and different. I want her to feel special and different, but not for the reason of being my child.

On what she would do if she didn’t have the press in her face for a day I’d go to the market with my daughter. Go to Santa Monica Pier and take her on a ride. Nothing special. Just live some normal life for once.

Love Halle!  It looks like, she is finding true happiness.  We wish her the best with getting her daughter out of the country.  It’s great to see stars that are willing to share their struggles, insecurities and triumphs with their fans.  She’s a great inspiration.
What are some of the struggles you have overcome?
Source/Photos: T Magazine, NecoleBitchie

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