Halle Berry & Naomie Harris Speak About Being A Black Bond Girl in the James Bond Franchise!

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Black Bond Girls

The James Bond franchise had been around for over half of a century and it’s still going strong! It’s newest installment Spectre, hit theaters this weekend and it’s projected to be another blockbuster.  CNikky was on the scene for several fabulous events leading up to the premiere including an exclusive Belvedere event at Nic’s martini bar, where we learned how to make the famous 007 martini ‘shaken, not stirred!’

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Chris Kelley (Actor) & Mahir (Co -Owner The Jasmine Brand)

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Belvedere Rep and Owner of Nic’s Martini Bar

And a celebrity and blogger ‘Bond Girl’ day when they rolled out the red carpet for us at the high end Laque Nail Bar in Beverly Hills, where we received manicures, pedicures and make-over along with Bond inspired cocktails.

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But, the highlight of the promo week included an exclusive red carpet event sponsored by Essence magazine and the African American Film Critics Association, honoring the iconic Black women of Bond!

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Cherise ‘CNikky’ Nicole

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Jay Ellis and Cherise Nicole
Jay Ellis and Cherise Nicole

The gorgeous Halle Berry and the newest bond girl, Naomie Harris joined the first ever Black Bond girls, Gloria Hendry and Trina Parks in being recognized for paving the way for all Black actresses.  The ladies spoke about their experience and being honored to be among the chosen few.


Halle Berry:

“I am so proud to stand up here with these gorgeous and talented women. Ones that walked before me and paved the way.  I have so much respect. I’m humbled to be reminded like everybody else, what you ladies did and the path that you paved, so that Naomie and I could be here with you.  Thank you for the debt you paid.I will never forget my experience. It’s one of the best experiences of my entire life.”

Naomie Harris:

“You’ve inspired me with all of your performances and with your representation of black female beauty.  I just have to say, growing up in a little town in London, there were not many examples of black female beauty growing up and I really have to thank Bond and th franchise for being forward thinking.  And for being one of the very few franchises at that time for representing black women and showing them with their power, intellect and true beauty and still to this day.  To have that baton passed to me and to be running with it, I am so greatful to represent this franchise and continue the legacy that we’ve all started.”

James Bond Spectre is currently in theaters!  Watch below for an inside look at the Black Bond Girl event and the trailer for Spectre!

Check out the trailer below:

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