Bullying, Suicide, Texting & Driving… OMG! Let’s talk about the winter finale of Glee!

Posted by: cnikky

Last night’s winter finale of Glee was packed with topics that are not addressed enough! Glee creator Ryan Murphy did an outstanding job of bringing bullying, suicide and texting while driving to the masses. In one of the shows most shocking episodes ever, Krovski (who plays a closeted gay male) attempts suicide after the kids at school bully him. It was hard to watch, but even more difficult because this happens every day. People are attempting to end their lives because of pressure and embarrasement from school mates, co-workers, friends and family. Since we are getting to know each other, I wanted you to know where I stand on these issues. Love it or hate it. Bullying is NEVER ok!

It’s a pathetic way to cover up your insecurities by pointing out what (a bully) may feel is “wrong,” with someone else. I have NO respect for bullies. A bullies words and actions can effect a victim for a lifetime and sometimes cause a victim to want to end their life. It is a very serious offense. There is nothing funny about putting someone down. If you are a bully, it’s not too late to change and apologize for you actions. If you, or someone you know are being bullied SPEAK UP PLEASE! Don’t supress what is happening to you or someone else.

Tell a teacher, supervisor, parent, or someone you trust. If someone has a problem with you because of your sexuality, race, religion, economic background, job, creed, weight, past or whatever nonsense they are mad about IT IS THEIR PROBLEM, NOT YOURS!!! Pray for them and let if go. Do not let another persons ignorance consume your life. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!! We are all perfect the way God made us. Glee’s season finale proved that sometimes when people are in a dark place, they consider suicide. They did a great job of showing that “It does get better.” No matter how tough things get, it’s worth it to give yourself a chance. Suicide should not be an option. There is never a testimony without a test, meaning we all have to go through tough things in life in order to suceed. Please believe me that it is worth it in the end. If you or someone you know are being bullied or contemplating suicide please call or click on the Trevor Hotline at 1-888-488-7386 As if that wasn’t enough, Glee’s Quinn Fabray was in a car accident from texting while driving. While viewers will not know until the next season premiere if she survives or not, many of us have heard of or experienced someone who did not survive. Please, pull over, or put your phone away when you’re driving. It may save your life and the lives of others. Outstanding job Glee! What affected you most about last night episode?

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