Jenifer Hudson, Adrian Grenier & George Lopez give back to teachers

Posted by: cnikky

My favorite people on the planet “good teachers,” need your help! In a survey done by Wakefield Research, it was found that 71 percent of elementary school and middle-school teachers spend $462 per year on school supplies for their classrooms on average. Most teachers do not make much money and shouldn’t have to spend their bill money on classroom supplies. But of course, they do it out of the kindness of their hearts. In an effort to give back and ensure that students have what they need in their classrooms to get a good education, Bounty has partnered with The Get Schooled Foundation to help support teachers across the country.

They’ve provided teachers with the opportunity to get donations for the supplies that are most important for their classroom through a wish list on the website Teacher Wish List. Parents, other faculty members, friends, anybody really, can go online and provide money or help to their favorite teachers. They’re also doing this with the help of Jennifer Hudson, Adrian Grenier of Entourage and comedian George Lopez. These big names are contributing supplies to their favorite teachers from back in the day, as well as to their former elementary schools. For more information on how your favorite teachers (or you if you are a teacher) can make a wish list and get people to donate, go to Click HERE. Please help the teachers if you can! They have the toughest job and they never recieve enough help or appreciation. It’s a shame that they aren’t the highest paid profession. CNikky loves the teachers!!


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