Floyd Mayweather Post His Ex-Fiance’s Sonogram On Instagram & Claims They Ended Because She Aborted Their Twin Babies!

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Floyd Mayweather and Miss Jackson


Unbelievable!  Although championship boxer Floyd Mayweather is known for his antics, this one is way below the belt.  Yesterday, he took time off from training for his fight in Vegas this weekend, to put his ex-fiance on blast.  In a disgusting and selfish act of cruelty, Floyd went to his instagram account to vent about the real reason, he and Shantel Jackson called off their engagement.  He claimed that he ended the relationship because she aborted their twin babies and he does not believe in abortion.  In addition to the claims, he posted her sonogram as proof.

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Floyd Mayweather



We all know that Floyd is a prideful man.  And he may have been extremely upset when Shantel was seen publicly, sitting court side at a basketball game with her alleged new man, Nelly.  The two even posted a picture together.

Shantel Jackson and Nelly


After Shantel did not retaliate, Floyd decided to post a new picture of Shantel before she had plastic surgery.

Shantel Jackson



I’m not sure how vain this man is, but she was just as beautiful before she had surgery?  I’ve always been a fan of Floyd Mayweather.  His antics never bothered me because that’s just apart of being an entertaining boxer.  Sometimes they are over the top, talk a lot of smack and ruffle feathers.  But, this women is not his opponent in the ring.  She is a women that has the right to her privacy and it’s her body and ultimately her decision.  The man should be involved in that decision, but it was extremely distasteful for him to broadcast a very sensitive private matter to the entire world.  I have no respect for that nonsense.  What do you think?

Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather

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