First Pics: Jamie Foxx As Electro On The Set Of Spider-Man 2

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electro 4

Jamie Foxx made his Super-Villian debut last night and he looks scary!

Yesterday (Via TheYBF), comic book fans in Times Square got their first look at Jamie Foxx in his upcoming role as the villain in the next Spider Man film.  In the Mark Webb-directed action flick, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Jamie will star as Maxwell Dillion (Electro) alongside Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Jamie’s character is an electrician who gets struck by lightening and develops the ability to control electricity.  As a result of the “shock”, he emerges as the super villain Electro.

When asked how he developed the character, he said, ‘I’m going to keep it close to the chest but I followed the Spider-Man comic books. He added, “And I would watch the television show growing up. It’s a blessing.”

electro 2

And while Jamie’s gearing up to play a villain on the big screen, he discovered that the internet is full of “villains” as he was viciously attacked on Twitter for wearing a T-shirt paying tribute to Trayvon Martin & the Sandy Hook school shooting victims to the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.  Unnecessary and sad.


So far, Jamie hasn’t addressed the slew of racial insults sent his way, but he did tell MTV, ‘We’re just thinking about the children… we’re just protecting our kids.’

This is ridiculous.


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This looks like it’s going to be good.  Spider-Man 2 hits theaters on May 2nd, 2014!

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