Exclusive: The Breaks Hip Hop Challenge! Wood Harris & Antoine Harris Vs. CNikky! Too Funny!

Posted by: cnikky

Wood Harris, Antoine Harris and Cherise Nicole

Honestly speaking, this interview with Wood Harris and Antoine Harris from VH1’s ‘The Breaks,’ was  one of my favorites of all time!  Now, that we know a little about the film from my previous 2 parts of the interview, I thought we should have a little fun! (You know I love to play games!) Since, the new VH1 film is about Hip Hop in the 90’s I thought it would be fun to challenge the two stars of the film, to a little battle.  The stakes were high, either get 90% of the answers right, or bust a 90’s dance move.  Let’s just say, the Hammertime and the running man did happen!  But, you have to watch to see who paid up! Take the challenge with us and enjoy!

The Breaks premieres Monday, January 4th on VH1!

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