Exclusive Teaser: Kelly Price Gives An Epic Interview About The TRUTH Behind R&B Divas: L.A.

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kelly Price


Kelly Price has been the hot topic of conversation for fans of R&B Divas: L.A.  The backlash on Twitter, Facebook and other methods of social media has been staggering.  Some have turned against her, while others are fighting to clear her name.  While many of the other cast members have done interviews and made statements about the outcome of the show, Kelly has kept quiet…until now.

In an Epic Exclusive Interview with Cherise Nicole at  CNikky.com and our associates at EURweb, Kelly answered all of the questions that people have been asking.  She addressed the Monologues,  What happened in  Las Vegas, Her feud with Fred,  conflict with Chante Moore, the ‘Boots and Vaseline’ incident and the truth about what went on behind the scenes…when the camera stopped rolling.  Interestingly, she did not bad mouth any of her cast members.  Not once.  She accepted responsibility for her actions and even defended Chante Moore at one point.  Kelly felt it was time to reveal the truth.  Some of it is shocking.

But, in Kelly’s words:

” I did this for the people who are watching.  They need to know what happened. And from this point on everybody has to make their own decision. But, It is the truth.  It is the 100% truth.”

Watch the Teaser For The Kelly Price Interviews Below and Log On To CNikky.com and EURweb for the upcoming Exclusive Interviews.


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  • chris tate

    KELLY!!!I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!! I LOVE YOU!!! You are real, true and awesome! DONT STOP being who you are…. period!!!

    • Deb

      I love you Kelly and am SO PROUD OF YOU MY SISTA!!! It was obvious from what I saw, Chante and Lil Mo did not birth, conceive, nor create the monologue, thus theY should not have taken it and ran with it as though it was their idea. That was very disappointing and appeared to be desperate moves on their part.You’ve stood for what you “brought to them” and I applaud you for that. We die to our flesh daily, and continue to allow God to let things go and bless you. MUCH LOVE TO YOU!

      • Alice


        • MrzThomas


          • md

            U are on point Alice I love your spirit about the whole situation. …..

          • Joy

            Well Kelly shoulda been honest and said I don’t want you guys to be a part of this anymore. But instead she said, I don’t have time to do it, but you guys go ahead and do it and I will be cheering in the audience. So they went ahead as planned, and they thought they had her blessing. She can’t be mad when she is the one that mislead them.

          • Sonja

            Yes it was Kelly’s idea however she had these ladies put aside their time and commit to participating in her production. She was less than professional and she should have just said it’s my idea and I don’t want you guys to do it without me. Instead she chosed to be very combative. All of these ladies (including Kelly) are working on a comeback and committing your time = money. In life it’s not what you say but how you say it and all the editing in the world could make Kelly look the way she did on this show. However these women continued with the commitment they made to Kelly because she didn’t have time to fulfill her commitment to them. I think I would have alot more respect for her if she said you know what, I was bringing the drama for the show and I made myself look bad. Instead she runs to her church thing. We must remember part of being a Christian is taking responsibility for your actions, confessing them to God ask for his forgiveness and move on, not blame it on the editing.

          • Matt

            Yeah Kelly was waaaaaay outta bounds. Lil mo said, It was Kelly’s baby but kelly left he baby to die. Everyone knows if you leave a baby to die you usually don’t get the baby back. Someone else took it made it better than Kelly and Dawn’s and it was powerful.

        • Celena

          Alice, did you watch the show? Kelly asked the girls to do the show and then she was too busy to contribute. The girls wanted the show to go well so they hired Fred. Kelly didn’t even show up for anything initially. She didn’t even come to her own charity event, but the girls did. The truth is, Kelly had a good idea but lacked the time and dedication to put into it. Even if she was not happy with the girls, why was she so disrespectful and rude towards Fred. As far as her monologue show, it has gotten terrible reviews. I just watched the girls divalogue and it was amazing. So you may want to rethink who did things without decency and order. However, aside from her reality TV image, I love Kelly as a musician and she may be an awesome person. Unfortunately, that was not captured on TV.

    • John Jaye

      I absolutely LOVE Kelly Price!!! That is all! 🙂

  • Sherrod Sellars

    Love me some Dawn Robinson.

  • Sherrod Sellars

    Kelly I’m still down for you. love your music and I’m still your number one fan.

  • Arghhh!!!! Now THAT was a teaser…can’t wait to watch the whole video. I knew something wasn’t right about the show, she had to have been upset for a good reason.

  • Michael

    I just think its sad that Kelly reacted this way. I know how hard it is to remain humble as she said, she has been doing this 20 years. She has already had fame and I tell you when I hear a Kelly Price song, I just want to change the station.
    No matter what was edited, you can see that she came to the scene ready to overreact and its sad for her because she has lost fans. I

    • BlessedBy God

      Thank You Michael I look at Kelly in a diffrent light now. And She looks like she just bull Dog Her Poor Husband.

      • lynda

        I still think there is a problem,, keeping it real is one thing but she absolutley looks SCARY,,,SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH HER,,,girl please get some counseling,, I was such a fan,, I still want to be,, but oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Darling

          Not that much editing in the world. She should be embarrassed.

          • Rita

            @ Darlina, AMEN!

  • cali

    At the end of the day producers can only edit what is presented to them. Kelly talent is evident to EVERYBODY! Even if she felt like a couple of the ladies were stealing her idea…why jump in Fred’s face?? So if she says that it was edited in a way to make her look bad. WHY?? would the producers pick her out of the bunch? Why not Michelle or any of the others? She has to take FULL ownership for her BAD attitude and move on. Show something different. Unfornately now some people will see her change as not being sincere but people LOVE underdog stories. Maybe she needed to see a reflection of a part of her personality that needed to change. I’m rooting for her!

    • Rochelle

      Thank you stating the truth. Some of these people that have her “back” go to her church and it still makes no sense to support something/someone who is wrong. No matter what. Her actions are wrong period.

    • Candice

      I agree with Cali and Rochelle. No one in anyway shape or form is taking Kelly’s talent away from her because she is talented. I was truly floored to see her step up in Fred’s face like she did and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why she did that. In addition, why would you bring vaseline, tims and a straight edge with you if you weren’t going to fight or hurt anyone no matter who it was directed at. Her actions and her behavior was not becoming of her being the lady that she is. I have seen her up close and personal ladies at the National Baptist Convention a couple years ago when it was in Cincinnati. We were able to see her in concert at the minister’s church who was in charge of the NBC choir that year. She was humble and sweet and sang her butt off. In addition, she was suppose to sing at the NBC concert but ended up not singing for some reason. No matter the reason, Fred nor the other ladies did anything I feel, to hurt her or offend her in anyway. The ladies really wanted to do the play with her but not after you acted unbecomingly.

  • BlessedBy God

    I think the whole thing was a big miss understanding. I think Lil Mo And the Other Ladies were Not trying to run with the idea but help it along with Kelly Being Busy. And because they had never did this before they wanted to get some help and that’s were Fred came in. But when Kelly came in Hostel every one put up there defences. But If they would have all taken the time to STOP and Talk like Ladies it would have not went as far.

    • LadyAngie

      Most fans are intelligent enough to understand that this is tv and it is edited. And I was still riding with Kelly, trying to anyway. What really soured me is when Lil Mo attempted to meet with her and talk and Kelly cut her off and brought her husband into the conversation like she could not speak woman to woman. Then in when she did talk, she directed her comments towards her husband, would not even look at Lil Mo, so disrespectful. How could that be edited?

  • Rochelle

    Thing is…no matter how many times the video is edited, she still has said some things that were uncalled for. I think we are seeing the real Kelley Price. And it’s unfortunate because she is not as big as she thinks she is. Her attitude is horrible. And I am shocked as to what I have seen on the show. This is her actual character. In fact, I know people who know her and they’ve said this is her real personality. I was just hoping it wasn’t true. It’s a damn shame. But good publicity.

    • Kim( Qdiva)

      Your statement is so true and on point. One song in the last five years does not make you a relevant force in the music industry.

  • MzNisha

    Kelly, you tried it but you don’t know him!!! Girl, you showed up with disrespect from the jump… you disrespected your co-stars by constantly stating that you were booked as if to say you tramps ain’t got nothing to do but I don’t need the monologues. I think you showed your ass because you thought you could and let me assure you no matter how great a voice you possess, your attitude will determine your altitude!!! You were disrespectful, Dawn was a mindless little imp and looking at your finished version of the monologue you should have put your differences to the side because the quality was terrible, it looked rushed and it seemed that you were trying to beat the other girls to the punch! Sad, because I thought this season would have been different but you pulled stunts and tricks throughout!! AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!!

  • Kim( Qdiva)

    I have never really been a Kelley Price fan, but I do enjoy some of her music. I just always seemed to get a vibe of entitlement from her. Watching the show just showed those vibes were on point. I think a little bit of humble pie could be a great thing. Having a great talent and no respect of others and who they are or what they do in life Is bad. You were so so so disrespectful to Fred as a professional. The way you brought someone else in shows you are not a true team player. You acted like a child…

  • md

    Kelly Price I love you, and I will always be a loyal fan of yours, rather you was wrong or right, Real fans stick with u……all the fake fans can fall back, and have several seats becuz u was never a Stan of hers anyway,so what was ur point again, oh nevamind it dnt matter…..

    • Karla

      LMAO!!! You don’t know her personally but you stand by her?!?! You are just as fake as she is!!

      • Sadd

        Well, I’ve experienced the sistah personally, and she was true to form baby. Glad everyone else could see.

  • kntmusiclover

    C Nikki are you on staff for Kelly Price?

    • cnikky

      Lol! No. I’ve interviewed her and all of the R&B Divas a few times and she was kind of enough to trust me with this interview 🙂

  • Jazz

    When will the full interview be available??

    • cnikky

      This week! I promise! 🙂

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  • Janice

    I do not travel in the circle with Kelly Price but I know how she is when the camera is not rolling towards ordinary people. She is generous, humble, real and makes you feel lucky to be around her for that reason. I am rarely impressed by Hollywood types. Don’t believe the hype, but believe that industry can be a rough business, She’s a good egg that one. Her faith and karma will see her through a phenomenal rise. Watch.

  • Karla

    Kelly please stop. You were not lady like in any way shape or form. You were rude and very disrespectful, there is simply no excuse. The only reason you did your warped truth telling video is due to bad publicity you received and that was your own fault. You knew they weren’t trying to take that play from you, they were just trying to help. After all you were the one screaming about how you were so busy all of the time. You are who you are, don’t try to play humble now. No matter what the situation was you should have been classy at all times. There were so many things happening in those other women’s lives but did they take that out on you?! Did they disrespect you?! Get a grip kelly and stop playing innocent, the main ones hollering about the lord are the main ones you have to watch.

  • Perrie

    Kelly is not being honest, the world saw just how she is. She leet the girls down twice, she thinks she’s better. It’s not that they wanted to take over, they needed to get this done. BULLY!! Dawn is a whimp.

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  • TrueFanKeepingitReal

    I am a true Kelly Price fan and have been on for a LOOONG time!!!! It was primarily because of her that I decided to watch the show but her actions/reactions to the events on the show have mad me a little sad. I am still a fan! These events have just reminded me that we all have flaws and issues that we need to work on.

    I don’t believe that Lil Mo & Chante were trying to take over Kelly’s vision as much as they were trying to ensure that it happened, as Kelly described, in the timing she proposed. Especially since Chante talked to Kelly about Fred before she engaged him in the process. Unfortunately, communication failure and inflated EGOs have turned this originally postive show into the typical reality tv “three ring circus.”

    I hope all the ladies are able to be true examples of mature adults by working this out, with honesty and genuine behavior.

  • tee

    I’m not crazy about reality tv but when I seen the preview s for R&b divas and who the cast was going to be I was on board… I’m a fan of the whole cast and Kelly been a fan for years but your behavoir was unbecoming and childish!!! I really think you you need to hit instant replay or go to the on demand so you can get a recap of the show because from what I show no one tried to take your idea they tried to help. As you put it you where to busy and things had been told and disgusted with you…. I think you are a control freak and when you saw things being done with out you you became angry like one stole yiur doll. You turned 40 act your age

  • CougarCub1973

    I love Kelly, and I feel like the producers of these shows always want DRAMA and create it. Chante ana Lil Mo ghetto butts took something beautiful and turned into something ugly. Im tired of reality TV.

  • Renee

    Your truth………..

  • Renee

    your truth

  • Darling

    What you see is what you get. I’ve personally experienced Ms. Price, and well don’t be deceived. They can only edit so much. Very true to character. Enough said. Glad the other divas continued. Loving the show.

  • Jacen

    Kelly please, now that the show is over and u showed ur ass and you didn’t gain what u thought you would, now u wanna redeem yourself… You are basically calling us stupid, you are a evil mean person and you have exhibited that thru the season.. You have always had a “diva” reputation in the industry, but you are BEYOND diva.. Reality TV showed us who Kelly Price really is

  • Jade

    Sounds like YOUR TRUTH Kelly. I’m sure the other ladies have their truth as well.

  • Ericka

    I’m glad the other divas moved forward with a great idea and rocked it. Too bad the person who had the idea lacked the respect and business acumen to bring it to fruition.

  • Celena

    Although the idea originally came from Kelly, that does not mean she should be the only one with any input. She asked the girls to do the show with her and they did what was necessary to be prepared. The girls were all concerned about doing a good job and being prepared so they hired Fred to help them. Kelly waited until she got ready, and then she showed up acting extremely rude for no reason. She could have handled things better and she could have made time for her own project. She didn’t even show for her own charity event. There is nothing she can say to change the fact that she was being unprofessional and disrespectful. I am a fan of Kelly the singer, but definitely not Kelly the reality star.

  • Tamela

    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Stop it. Girl, you acted a plum fool on TV. No ma’am, our eyes are not lying to us. Okay, Broadway in the hood. Is this the same Las Vegas “Broadway in the Hood,” that Kelly Price flaked on? The Divas went to Las Vegas to support Kelly’s Broadway in the Hood and Kelly was a no show. Or was that edited, too? Kelly underestimated the Divas. Kelly was looking for the Divas to be uncommitted. When they showed her they were committed and “women of their word,” it threw a monkey wrench in to Kelly’s plan.

    Who stole Kelly’s idea? Last I checked, ain’t nothing new under the sun. Kelly isn’t the first or the last to come up with a monologue idea. Oh, shout out to Chante’ for giving Kelly a cool monologue name. Kelly took it and ran with it.

    • Candy

      Yes ma’am I agree and if there was nothing Kelly Price did wrong..WHY try to explain. I’d love to see how this turns out on the reunion show. She didn’t even APOLOGIZE when the other ladies showed up to the Broadway in the Hood play that she didn’t even show up to…no explain that Kelly Price…was that a Chante show then? I don’t think so…people are delusional into their own world or concept of things but EVERYBODY can’t be wrong Kelly Price. I told her she needs to take head to her song..she needs a HEALING FOR HER SOUL because what we saw and what she says is REAL is RIDICULOUS…Kelly you know the cameras and rolling and you pull out Vaseline, Timberlands and a razor and then try to act like..Oh no Chante that wasn’t for you…GIRL PLEASE..who are you fooling. Anyway I agree wholeheartedly and Kelly like Nicci Gilbert needs to do a COMPLETE and TOTAL reality check.

  • Candy

    I personally sent Kelly Price a message to her facebook page and told her she was a beautiful person inside and out BUT make no mistake what she portrayed on R&B Divas was not of God. First of all to be rude and unkind to someone who had nothing to do with your feud is unacceptable. Chante CLEARLY told Kelly and it was played back that she’d hired a director because Kelly was not available and then when she FINALLY came to one of the rehearsal she acted like she didn’t remember REGARDLESS if whether she came up with idea, which she did and that’s a fact, to be unreasonable and rude is not a fruit of the spirit and I don’t care that she’s Kelly Price, wrong is wrong. It’s the same way people should have let Whitney Houston know, when you’re wrong YOU ARE WRONG..no matter how talent you have, money or fame, people need to wake up to the fact that you’re human and make mistakes but don’t sit back and applaud bad behavior. It’s the reason Nicci Gilbert has lost respect for her brand and talent because the cameras are showing the truth. Accept it, make a change and move on! God Bless.

  • HeyThereV

    What show were you ppl watching? Chante and Mo did not steal her idea. Kelly kept saying she was “busy and booked” &&&&& if you people knew your facts, TVOne was the one who hired Fred. NOT CHANTE. And that’s where the whole beef came in. And clearly Fred came in and killed it if you compare both monologues. At the end of the day, Kelly let her pride overcome her & it backfired on her. I personally don’t feel bad. She can say what she want but she brought this on herself.

  • Queen Of Gogo Soul

    I think most of you people need to get over yourselves. Kelly Price is HUMAN and HUMAN BEINGS make mistakes. If a camera followed you all around all day every day I can only imagine what will be revealed about you. I am a popular entertainer from the DC area and this is a very hard job. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand where everyone is coming from with their JUDGEMENT. But come one now people, give the dang on girl a break here. What puzzles me the most about some of these comments that I’ve seen on twitter and fb about Kelly’s behavior is the name calling and insults toward her. HOW IN THE HELL CAN THE POT CALL THE KETTLE BLACK??!! You people are the HYPOCRITES!! Yahweh is not only watching Kelly’s actions, he’s watching yours too!! I really wanna say some things but that would make me like you!! Could she have handled the situation better… MAYBE!!?? IMO this was some backstabbing BS. How in the heck are you gonna sit down at someone’s dinner table… After she SPLURGED on YOU (Chante’) for your Birthday!! She did it up for you!! Where is the appreciation for that? How can you all look into this situation and not PAY ATTENTION to the fact that just because Chante’ didn’t act indignant does mean she wasn’t wrong as two left shoes!! Kelly trusted Chante’, as a matter of fact… Chante’ was who Kelly interacted with the most. IT WAS KELLY’S IDEA!!!! Her Baby!!! What part don’t you all understand about that. Stop acting as if you all are perfect because you sure as hell are not in your comments about her weight and attitude. The entertainment industry is a cold world aka Dog eat Dog World!! You can’t be nice all the time because people will take advantage of you… As in this case with Kelly and Chante’. I commend Chante’ for keeping cute for the cameras/public but that doesn’t make her a saint. I am not disregarding the other ladies feelings… I’m just commenting on Kelly because she’s the one in the hotseat. Kelly I don’t think you overreacted, I just think you went about the entire thing wrong. The games weren’t called for… You should’ve confronted Chante FLATOUT about her lack of loyalty after you spent your money on her beautiful bday dinner. She was doggin that food as if it were her last meal, therefore she should’ve been more patient. I believe things backfired on you Kelly. Be careful who you try and help because on THE REAL… You don’t need them… It’s true!! Some of these ladies we haven’t heard so much as a peek from in ages! And I was happy to see them again. I like you all! But you the most!! This too will blow over!! Meanwhile…. Look inward and make some changes…. Yahweh knows I’m trying… And it isn’t always easy. But we must be truthful with ourselves. Love you Kells!!

    • Peaceandlove

      Chante did not backstab Kelly and just because Kelly gave Chante a birthday dinner at her home does not mean Chante or the other ladies have to bow down to her. There are four ladies who ultimately chose to stick with Fred as their director for the production. Why? Because he was hired by the Production Company just as they were hired by the Production Company. They don’t work for Kelly Price. Not one of the other ladies said they wanted to have Kelly’s director instead. It also appears that Kelly did not share her entire plans and direction for the show with the TV network. If she did and they chose to bring in someone else then her problems were with the network and not with Chante or the other ladies. She has misdirected anger and it is not a good look. You are certainly right! GOD is watching all of these ladies but is up to Kelly to humble herself and take responsibility for her own words, behavior and actions , learn the lesson and stop blaming the others, calling them backstabbers and making it about them.

  • Sensation

    You all let her off to easy, the way she’s come across is pure unprofessional and stupid. She’s not the only one on the show going through things obviously. It’s always something, good riddens to her and I hope she takes care of whatever insecurities she’s got that make her act like that, don’t blame it on the editing. If it was the editing, then she must have done something seriously stupid to the producers because all the other girls seemed to come off with their own pain and struggles through out the show but in a good light. She isn’t anything special. God bless her though.

  • 504Nique

    I enjoy Kelly’s music. She has an undeniable talent; however, her attitude reeks of entitlement and selfishness. She was dishonest, unprofessional, and controlling. Granted the idea was hers, which no one took away from her, but she had no execution, and wanted no input. You cannot ask professionals to freely give their time for something you want/need and 1. be unprepared 2. be unavailable and 3. be unwilling to participate. If Kelly was so booked- this idea never should have been brought to the table. She really could have kept it to herself for herself. But this is what happens when you have ideas that you share and can’t nurture. Someone else nurtures them for you. I do not sympathize with Kelly at all.

  • why

    so is everyone using this clip to make themselves more popular..show the real video..i thought real tv networks get away with teasers..smh..crawl b4 one walk..whatever.as stated b4 editing can only go so far..

  • why

    so you post a clip on youtube and you lied bc you said one could watch the full video here..get here just teaser..smh people will sale their integrity for popularity and money..

  • why

    i apologize for my earlier statements i see the “full video” is being put up in parts.

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  • Melissa

    Kelli I wish you well because the good thing about God is that he never judges you but accept you as who you are. So keep your head up and go to God in pray. This to shall pass.