Exclusive Interview: Smokey Robinson Gives Very Personal Interview About Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson & Motown

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Smokey Robinson and Cherise Nicole

Smokey Robinson received the Lifetime Achievement Award during the BET Awards and I couldn’t be happier for him! In honor of Smokey, I wanted to re-post my life changing interview that I had with him a while back. I honestly couldn’t grasp how enormous of an opportunity I’d received in the moment, but a few months later, when I sang one of his songs (My Girl) at my grandmothers funeral, it really hit me that I had been in the presence of two legends….Smokey Robinson and my grandma! In case, you’ve never seen our interview before, I’m happy to share it with you now. Congrats Smokey. Well deserved!

smokey robinson

Smokey Robinson is a living legend that has been inducted into the Rock- N-Roll Hall of Fame…TWICE!  He was instrumental in the success of Motown’s Hittsville USA as both an artist and a songwriter. Robinson produced some of the greatest hits of all time including: ‘Who’s Loving You’ by The Jackson 5 and ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations as well as his own hits: ‘Tracks of My Tears,’ and ‘Cruisin.‘  CNikky and EURweb sat down with Mr. Robinson for a very special Never Before Seen Interview!

Robinson Gordy

Motowns’ creator, Berry Gordy, recently appeared on Oprah’s Master Class.  Gordy spoke about the moment he meant Smokey Robinson and the first song Smokey wrote and recorded for Motown called ‘I Got A Job.’  Cherise Nicole (CNikky) sat down with Smokey Robinson last November and surprised him by singing a duet of his first hit!  Robinson shared the story behind his first song, as well as how he feels about America’s current recession and President Obama. .  The charming Mr. Robinson also shared some of his fondest memories of his friends, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Dick Clark, Diana Ross, Don Cornelius and The Miracles.


What was the history behind your first hit:

“The history behind that is… that’s the first record that the Miracles and I ever made ever! And I wrote that song in answer to a song called ‘Get A Job,’ by a group named The Silhouettes and ‘Get A Job’ was the #1 record in the world at that time.  So I was trying to find a song that we could record and so I wrote it and Berry Gordy recorded it on us.  This is before he started Motown even.  And so that was the first record The Miracles and I ever made called ‘I Got A Job.”

smokey robinson and marvin gaye

Smokey Robinson Talks About Marvin Gaye:

“Marvin Gaye was my brother brother.  We hung out all the time, almost every day.  We did a lot of things together.  Marvin Gaye was one of the greatest singers to ever live as far as I’m concerned.  Cause like I said, Marvin was like my brother. When I was recording a song with Marvin , it got to the point where, if my session was going to start at 8 o’clock,  I’d tell Marvin it would start at 6:30 cause I knew he was going to be late.  And when told him 8 he was still late!  He’d come running in there ‘Oh Smoke man I’m sorry, I had to so and so.’  But anyway, I didn’t mind because, I would show Marvin my songs and I would either sing it or I had it on tape or something for him.  And he would proceed to sing my song like he knew it before he got there.  Like he had written it, like he wrote it before I did or something.  I used to tell him all the time, ‘Hey Man You Marvinized my song.’  Cause that brother would do stuff with your song that you never dared to dream of vocally.  He was awesome!”

Honestly, this was an interview I will always cherish.  Thanks Smokey Robinson!

Watch BOTH interviews below:

Smokey talks Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Dick Clark, Diana Ross, Don Cornelius and The Miracles:

Watch Smokey Sing ‘I Got A Job’:

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