Exclusive Interview: Wood Harris Spills Tea on The Breaks, The Wire, Idris Elba & Fake Butts!

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Cherise Nicole and Wood Harris

Wood Harris, most famously known for his character, Avon Barksdale on The Wire is back on our television screens this Monday on VH1’s new film (and possible series) The Breaks.  I caught up with Harris and his castmate Antoine Harris to speak with them about the new series based in New York during the development of Hip Hop in 1990.  In addition to talking about the film, Wood Harris spilled a little tea on his ‘The Wire’ cast mate Idris Elba and what was really going on on set!  Let’s just say it involved strippers and a lot of inspiration.

Idris Elba and Wood Harris

How do you feel about The Wire being one of the most popular series of all time?

“It’s like I’m from a different era in a sense. It’s like actors now-a-days is about likes [social media]. But, I’m from that era where you needed to show up with talent.And if you didn’t have talent then you probably wouldn’t make it. Now you can make it without talent. You can make it with ass shots. You can go pro with like…a butt. Store bought ass can take you to the top.”

Harris went on to let me know that he was not interested in store bought butts, he simply stated, “I only eat organic!”  

Were you offered a plethora of “benefits” from women during the peak of popularity for the Wire?

“I tell you what was interesting. On The Wire, we had a strip club on set that was a real strip club that me and Stringer Bell [Idris Elba] ran.  And there was real strippers in it. Yes! That was a real strip club with real strippers! Just wildness in the air. It was a very invigorated world. I didn’t live in Baltimore at the time. Me and Idris also, commuted and sometimes we rode together. I lived in Jersey and he lived in New York and we went to Baltimore once a week and drove back together for the 3 or 4 days we had to work.”

Wood Harris and Idris Elba

Harris also explained how the camaraderie on the set of The Breaks reminded him of the vibe on the set of The Wire.

“I love Idris. I love Mike, both the Mikes, Mike B. Jordan and Mike Williams. Hasan, all those guys. I love the people in the Breaks. It’s just like that chemistry becomes something more special because everybody that’s plugged in has more energy and it’s not always like that.[The Breaks] does have that Wire-ness, because The Wire felt like that. You know we would be looking at scenes together, me and Idris and going through it, you know theres so much love there because there’s care about the outcome. You can be involved in a movie or television and people can show up just to do the work.  And you can’t be mad because people have their own process.  But, you might be a better artist though? My inner mission statement it different.  I’m not really there just to get the checks.  Although the checks are great though!”

The Breaks hits television screens on Monday, January 4th on VH1!  Make sure to check out all 3 parts of my interview with the cast and Subscribe!

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