Exclusive Interview: Wood Harris & Antoine Harris Talk The Breaks, Hip Hop, DMX, Diddy & More!

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Wood Harris, Cherise Nicole, Antoine Harris

The Breaks is back and we couldn’t be more excited!  Here is a re-post of our exclusive interview with two of the stars of the show, Wood Harris (Barry Fouray) and Antoine Harris (Ahm).  During this interview the show had only shot the pilot and was hoping to be picked up by the network.  Thankfully, it was and we can get transported back to the 90’s every Monday night on VH1 at 9pm!


Take a trip back to 1990, when the music was amazing, clothes were baggy and some of today’s biggest names in Hip Hop, were just getting started on their journey.  That’s exactly what VH1’s ‘The Breaks’ is offering.  Hip Hop music has changed significantly over the past 20 plus years and not necessarily for the better.  The days of Russell Simmons, Def Jam, Puffy, Bad Boy, Master P, No Limit, Biggie, Tupac, DMX, WuTang, Public Enemy, NWA, Hammer, Outkast, Roc A Fella Records, Death Row Records are no more.  They may still exist in some way, but it will never be the same.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with two of the stars of ‘The Breaks,’ Mr. Wood Harris and Antoine Harris (no relation) to speak about the film, that may turn into a series!

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“What you can expect is a trip back to the future, 1990. Literally 1990 and the golden era of Hip Hop. And all of the dream chasers and dream catchers from that period. Familiar energy from that era of evolving moguls, played by myself, Barry Fouray and hungry talent, caught up in the street, played by my cousin Antoine Harris. It really was inspiring to me because when I saw if for myself I thought we really have a classic on our hands.”

New to the scene, is the very handsome and charming Antoine Harris.  This talent on the rise, captured our attention during the first season of HBO’s new football series, Ballers starring the Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Where he played a cocky star football player and a bit of an antagonist.  And in ‘The Breaks, he plays the talented rapper, who just may be the breakout star, Tristan ‘Mack’ Wilds and Wood Harris is looking for.  If only he could get out of the streets and focus on the Hip Hop game.  His character has a strong resemblance to a certain Ruff Ryder, DMX!

Antoine Harris


“My characters name is Ahm Harris who grew up in the illegal narcotics trade. He grew up in the hood. He was a product of his environment. He could’ve been a teacher or he could get a Bentley. So, you know, I’m gonna try to go get this Bentley! He had no problem with violence, they made him an enforcer at a very young age. His mother lost him to the streets and his pops walked out. Same story a lot of young brothers deal with. And he found solace and peace in rapping. That’s what he did when he came home, to release the struggles of the day. So,Ahm is on his journey, so hopefully he gets to where he wants to get to.”

Wood Harris plays the owner of Fouray Records, Barry Fouray.  His outlandish personality and hunger for authentic, and mainstream Hip Hop remind you of some of the most famous owners of record labels of our time.

Dame Dash, Wood Harris and Puffy

Who inspired your character?


“Russell Simmons, Sean Combs, sprinkle a little Damon [Dash] in there and you’re cool. All those guys in the 90’s, were hungry. Back then they were hungry for the music industry in a certain way.  I remember the vibration of that energy where you wanted to have something new.  A new thing you could put in a bottle and sell and everybody get it.  And something original that you called yours.  That’s a Def Jam artist, that’s a Bad Boy artist. They’re with this clique or that clique.  It’s not really like that anymore.”

Depending on the ratings, VH1 is open to making ‘The Breaks,’ a new series!  The end of the film is a cliff hanger.  Nothing is resolved and it keeps the fans wondering what happens.  My inside source says that if this movie can produce numbers similar to the TLC movie and Drumline: A New Beat, we will likely see this go to series.

Will this movie become a new series on VH1?


“That’s the goal, it’s set up to be that. I think today’s television in ready for it. “

Be sure to tune in tonight on VH1 and let the execs over at the network know…we’re ready for it!

The Breaks premieres Monday, January 4th at 9pm on VH1!
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