Exclusive Interview: Wale Talks Relationships ‘The Industry Is The Devil’s Playground!’

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Wale is arguably one of the music industries most introspective artists.  He is signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music group along with Meek Mill and his third studio album, much like his first two is critically acclaimed.  He recently made headlines when he released his latest single, ‘Matrimony,’ featuring Usher Raymond.  The video featured model, Bria Murphy, whom he also used in his video for ‘Bad.’  But, what had people buzzing was the very personal lyrics that gave fans a deep look inside his private life.  He was most notably linked to Solange Knowles for a while and it appears he was hurt over the fact that not only did the relationship not work out, but that she recently married her long time on again, off again boyfriend, music director Allen Ferguson.  He also opened up about another of his exes having a mis-carriage.

solange wedding

His lyrics stated:

This is hard, tryna find some time to move on
Cause when we lost our baby, I got shady shit got too dark
Soft, and I thank you baby, you strong
My ex before you married to, you solo I say so long
Nah, good terms how that ended
But it surely put a dent on how I worry about this business
Off white picket fences, on flights with the children
On site stealin’ kisses on off nights my intentions but

But I plan to do it better though
But you still sayin’ let it go
We ain’t gettin’ any younger
Women love me now but in your eyes we forever though

I caught up with Wale during the BET Awards and I asked him if he’s finally ready to settle down and find the one?

“Where she at?  Bring her here now!  I’m trying to find her here man!  This is all the Devil’s playground.  The music industry, we all crazy, we all got problems and everything. But, I don’t know if I’m gonna find her.  I’m gonna keep making songs about it until I find her.”

“Matrimony, my song with Usher, that’s the most honest thing I’ve ever put out.  Well, not the most honest, but that’s the most personal information I’ve ever put out.”

Interesting. I wish him the best and I hope he does find true love. But, for now…keep making those amazing love records like Matrimony and Lotus Flower Bomb!

Watch our interview below and scroll down to check out Matrimony:

Wale and Usher – Matrimony

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