Exclusive Interview: Vivica Fox Talks Black Magic, Her Clothing Line & Boycotting Trump!

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Vivica Fox Poetic Justice

Vivica A. Fox is the quintessential girl next door that has grown into the woman we all feel like we know personally.  She is riding the wave of success and we are cheering for her along the way. I recently had a chance to catch up with her and find out about some of her latest ventures. Including the hit show on Lifetime, Vivica’s Black Magic, an all minority male exotic dancer review in the realm of the popular movie , Magic Mike.  And her new clothing line with Poetic Justice Jeans. She also revealed that she is writing her first book, chronicling the ups and downs of her life and career.  And she gave us some advice on insecurities, business and being a Head Chick in Charge!

Oh…and she addressed the orange elephant in the room. Her feelings about her former boss, President Donald Trump!

Check out our interview below!

Vivica Fox on Apprentice

What are your thoughts on the Presidential inauguration?

“I’m boycotting it. I’m not watching it. It’s like watching a funeral instead of a celebration.  Sorry. We’re suffering from election hangover.  So, the only thing we can do is, I put up a post this morning, saluting them [the Obama’s] for their service to our country and just pray for our country.”

“Never thought a reality star…but I’ll tell you, when I did Celebrity Apprentice, he wanted to run for president. He had that in his mind. He really did.  He felt like it was the biggest notch on his belt he could’ve ever got.  So, for him it was just another notch on his belt.”

She also spoke about the moment when Trump and Melania were greeted at the White House by the Obama’s.


“Oh and you know Melania honey, after this [inauguration] is over she’s on the first jet back to New York, her and Baron! I thought it was so cold of her to show up with the gloves on, like she didn’t want to touch anyone’s hand today. That looked very cold. Just like her. Cold as ice. And did you see when Melania got the Tiffany box, he just left her, didn’t help her up the stairs or anything! He looked scared shitless today.  He really did. Piece of shit!”

Vivica had personal experience with Trump as a former contestant on Apprentice. And although she believes he will make a disastrous president, she admits he was nice to her on the show.

“But, when I was on Apprentice, he was lovely.  He liked me because I always kept it real and told the truth. The rest of them tried to bullshit him. He was like,’Vivica, what’s really going on?’ So I liked him, when I did Apprentice.  But, even back then, he had a fascination with wanting to be President.  So, I hope he got that out of his system and like someone said, the countdown to the next 4 years being over starts now!”

Your career is popping right now with Empire, Independence Day 2, Black Magic, the hair line and the clothing line.  How did all of this come to pass?

“It’s been a great resurgence for me.  I felt like all of 2016 I was on planes and planting seeds and now they’re blossoming and I’m grateful! Independence Day was the beginning of the resurgence.

People can almost become you! They can wear Vivica hair and be dressed in Vivica clothes!


“That’s my goal to dress you from head to toe! I want you to have some fabulous hair, whatever you feel if you want to work or be a rockstar, you can put on some Vivica Fox hair! And then, I want you to step out in your Vivica Fox collection, whether it’s mad about plaid or our upcoming holiday collection that’s out right now. Whether you’re getting sexy for Valentine’s Day or getting ready to spring forward!”

How did you become apart of the Poetic Justice brand?

Vivica Fox Jeans

“I started off modeling. I’ve always been fascinated by fashion. So, when this offer was brought to me, for Poetic Justice Jeans, the purpose was to have a line for all women from our young millennial to our full figured girls. The sizes go from 4 to 24.  And it’s affordable. The average size of an American woman is size 14 and above.  And you go to the store and the sizes are 6, 7, 8! Even myself, I’m in show business and the camera adds weight, so I have to be a certain size.  But, for my sisters, I wanted whatever size you are and whatever trend is out, you can wear it and look good.”

Congratulations on your new show on Lifetime, Vivica’s ‘Black Magic’ how is it being received?

Vivica Fox Black Magic

“Every Wednesday we want you to have the ultimate girls night out! People are loving the show! Last week we were trending top 5 in the united states! It’s my brainchild.  I take 8 male exotic dancers on a journey of getting them a residency in Las Vegas. It’s a way for me to pay it forward. Getting these men exposure that they probably would’ve never had. And teaching them how to do a professional show and showing them that I put my name, my money my reputation and my professional contacts on the line to give them the opportunity of a lifetime. For them to take this as a launching pad to start their businesses.”

It’s amazing that you are a Black woman leading a group of men! How do you feel about that?

“Absolutely! Head Chick in Charge! It’s a great time for women, especially in show business. We’re seeing shows with women by women on it being so successful, Debbie Allen directs, Regina King directs, Shonda Rhimes, Empire, How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, Being Mary Jane,  Ava Duvernay, Kerry Washington, we’re finally getting a chance to shine and all I can say is it’s about damn time. I’m grateful that I can be a role model for women so they know you don’t have to sit at home, you can own your own business, be a CEO.  But, there’s sacrifice that comes with that. It’s not easy. It’s hard work.  I’m also going to be writing a book that is motivational and inspirational. My book will be coming out in 2018. I’m going to let women in general know about the different chapters in life. How I’ve been able to do this for such a long time. And that’s definitely one of the messages I want to pass on to the millennial’s.  All of this instafame, honey, if this happened overnight it was a long night!”

What’s your greatest insecurity and how did you overcome it and learn to love yourself?

My greatest insecurity for me was the opinion of others. I would pay more attention to what someone had negative to say about me, then what someone positive said about me. And that was my insecurity. I was like, ‘Oh my God they don’t like me!’ Just not knowing that, if they don’t get me, it’s ok! I will focus on those that do get me. And learning to take responsibility for my own actions.  That’s two of the biggest things I had to learn to grown up and get maturity about. “

What advice would you give to yourself when you were first starting out in this business?

“The advice that I would have for a young Vivica, is to stay focused. And to be all that I could be. To be a triple threat,  to be able to sing, act and dance. So, whatever is called for me to do, I can do it and not be afraid.”

Love It! Check out Vivica’s new sexy show, Vivica’s Black Magic, on Lifetime every Wednesday night and you can purchase fabulous items from her clothing line Poetic Justice HERE!

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