Exclusive Interview: Underground’s Aisha Hinds & Anthony Hemingway

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I can’t imagine what an honor it is to portray a true American hero.  But, that is the reality that actress Aisha Hinds is living by playing the leader of the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman.  And who better to capture this moment in history than award winning director, Anthony Hemingway!  The two have teamed up on season two of the hit WGN show, Underground and it is an educational roller coaster ride that will have you holding your breath and screaming for victory!

I caught up with Hinds and Hemingway and we discussed them immense honor it is to bring this real life hero to life. Read an excerpt from our interview and scroll down to the bottom to watch it in it’s entirety.

How has playing the role of Harriet Tubman impacted your life?

“What is life? Playing Harriet Tubman is a great honor.  And it’s also a tremendous call to duty.  I am holy honored at this experience.  And at being able to share her story which is definitely something that this generation needs.  And I’m so glad that Underground has packaged it this way.  And is sort of gifting it to this generation and generations past.  I know my mom is sitting, waiting baited breath and not just because she is my mom, because she was a fan of the show before. But, waiting for this information and education about a woman who was so empowering.  Our heroes give us context and so yes we look towards our mothers and our grandmothers as people who inspired us. But who inspired them and who inspired their mothers?  So, I think about the spirit of Harriet Tubman and who she was as a little girl.  And who she grew up to be.  She lived and died on her own terms and this was a woman who from the womb was considered someone else’s property before she even entered the world.  And so I bow down in such great reverence to her.  And I’m so honored that I get to share her story.”

You can catch Aisha Hinds as Harriet Tubman every Wednesday night on Underground on WGN.

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