Exclusive Interview: Underground Stars Talk Season 1 & Cato’s Sneaky Antics!

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Alono Miller and Renwick Scott

WGN stumbled on a hit series with their new show, ‘Underground, but they also stumbled upon a few rising stars with newbies Alono Miller and Renwick Scott. They are two members of the ensemble cast and people are tuning in to see what they do next! I caught up with the cast and they shared their thoughts on season 1.

Alono Miller plays Cato, the head field slave, who appears to be all about serving the white plantation master, but in reality he is all about himself. He is the character that audiences love to hate. Why? Because he is the villain or is it because his backstabbing, selfish character seems all to familiar in people we may know in our everyday life..

Alono Miller and Renwick ScottAlono:

“It’s been a lot of fun. He’s so playful. It’s just one of those things where you have to stay on your toes as an audience member cause you don’t know. You might hate him and then you love him and then you hate him some more. who get’s a chance to play that? You don’t get to do that often and it’s just an honor to do it and I hope that I bring the integrity to convey all that Cato really is.”

While characters like Cato existed in the 1800’s some of the same issues of Racism, Colorism, the “crab” mentality all are unfortunately still relevant today.  The circumstances have improved, but the attitude remains the same in many instances.


“The issues that they went through are still very similar to the issues that we’re going through.  It’s not apples and oranges.  We’re here we’re living it.  And there’s some things that we’re going to have to talk about.  And there’s some things that we’re going to have to figure out.  But it requires us to know our foundation.  We got to look at the people that laid this for us.  We got to look at the people that taught us everything we know  and the people that gave us this freedom that we so thankfully have.  That’s what’s so important about this.”

Great show.  It’s modern take on real circumstances that are the history of most African American’s is welcomed and needed.  Cato is one of my favorite characters and even though I’ve previewed 4 episodes, I can’t get enough!

Underground airs every Wednesday night on WGN!

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