Exclusive Interview: Underground Star Aldis Hodge Dishes on Season Struggles

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Underground is back for an incredible second season and it started out with the bang heard all around the world!  No one could have predicted what happened in episode 1 and if you haven’t seen it yet, I will not spoil it for you.  But, one thing is for sure, we can’t get enough of the captivating series, that gave us a fresh and respectful perspective of slavery and the incredible people who challenged it and survived it!

Last season the Macon 7, were 7 brave runaway slaves, trying to make it from their plantation to freedom in the North.  While most of them did not make it, the female lead, Jurnee Smollett Bell did, but not before falling in love with the leader of their escape, played by Aldis Hodge.  We left the series with him being captured and her making it to freedom, but this season, she is journeying back south to save the love of her life and she is joined by none other than Harriet Tubman!  What else will transpire this season? I sat down with Aldis Hodge to get the scoop!

“Last season people got used to us being the Macon 7, the group that relied on each other.  Our struggles were internal.. Now everyone is separated and we’re all fighting to get back to each other in different ways, but we all have individual journeys.  The stakes are definitely higher.  The danger has definitely increased 1,000 times over.  And the idea of freedom has changed for some of us.  For Noah before it was individual in nature, now for him the idea of freedom is love which is Rosalee, so he’s fighting to get back to her by any means necessary.  But, in his mind he’s still running around owning the fact that he’s still free in his mind regardless of his surroundings.  But, you’re gonna see a lot of characters take different paths and make different choices. You’re gonna see a lot of relationships form, some of them dangerous and some of them very unexpected.  And everyone grows, absolutely every character grows.  But, we don’t know if that growth is always the right growth.”

You can catch Aldis on Underground, every Wednesday night at 9pm on WGN.  It is a fantastic series!

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