Exclusive Interview: Tyrese Talks Black Rose Being His Final Album & Remaining Relevant

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Tyrese and Cherise Nicole


Today’s Throwback Thursday Interview happens to be currently relevant! Tyrese released his final album, ‘Black Rose,’ recently and after nearly 20 years in the music industry he still has the appeal that brought this album to #1 on the charts.  Not without an extreme amount of hard work.  He ran an incredible publicity campaign to promote his album, including sitting down with me to speak to his fans about his final album, his group TGT , finding motivation and remaining relevant in the entertainment industry.  This interview was filmed during the release of his film, Black Nativity.


Terese spoke to me about finding your passion and motivation in life.  His fans may be surprised to know that he never set out to be a big star, he was just passionate about music and being an entertainer.  And that passion along with hard work, turned into a lucrative career.  But, what do you do when you start to make serious money?  How do you remain motivated?

Why is it important for people to know that following  your passion can lead to a lucrative and happy career?

“I think at the end of the day, when you’re broke, money is the motivation.  Then after you make money, you still have to find a way to stay motivated.  And so you realize that money is not the motivation.  The motivation is consistency and wanting to do something that makes a statement.  I’ve been in the game for 17 years and I’ve never desired to be a big star and I’ve never claimed to be a big star, I’m just me.  I’m doing me.  I’ve been consistent.  I’ve seen a lot of people, singers, rappers, actors, entertainers come and go.  They’ve got all the buzz and hype and then (drop) ‘Hey, where are you?’  I see them waiting in front of clubs with 12 people trying to get in.  You know what I’m talking about.”

“I never want to be that guy.  I’ve always said, I just want to maintain a certain level of hotness, to where people will call me back when I call them and I don’t have to wait in line to get into the club.”

Black Ty spoke spoke about missing his group members, Tank and Ginuwine from TGT and the difficulties of recording his final album.

“The crazy thing is, I’m working on my last solo album which is called Black Rose and also a book called Black Rose, which will be my third book.  And I have a 7 part documentary called Black Rose.  And I’ve been really struggling with recording because I’ve been trying to come down off the high of TGT, where I’m one of three and I don’t have to sing the whole song.  And Tank loves singing all the background vocals so I just got lazy with the recording process.  But, it’s back to being solo again for right now.  And I won’t be pulling a Jay-Z and saying it’s the last album and then come back.  Black Rose is it for me.  It’s gonna be a great one though.”

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