Exclusive Interview: Tyler Perry & Nia Long Talk Bad Kids & Single Mom’s Club!

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Tyler Perry and Nia Long CNikky.com


Tyler Perry is at is again with his latest film, The Single Mom’s Club.  It follows 5 women (Nia Long, Cocoa Brown, Amy Smart, Zulay Henao and Wendi Mcldeon) who are all struggling single moms.  The group decides to form a moms support group and one woman watches the kids while the other 4 go out on the town to enjoy their life and get back out into the dating pool!

In the movie, his love interest is played by the gorgeous Nia Long.  The couple both have their own kids and although they find happiness, it does not always work out that way! I recently sat down with the on screen couple to find out what happens when you fall in love with a person, only to discover that you can’t stand their bad kids!  We also discussed Nia Long’s real life son, who plays her son in the movie and how she knows she is doing a good job as a single mom.  But, before we ended, I had to ask Tyler Perry if he still talks to his mother, who passed away over 2 years ago.

Single Mom’s Club Hits Theaters on Friday, March 14th!

Watch The Interview Below:


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