Exclusive Interview: Trina Braxton Opens Up About Her Divorce & Traci Dishes On Braxton Family Values!!

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Our favorite sisters are back with another season of Braxton Family Values on We TV!  The ladies were out and about this weekend to promote their show and support their baby sister Tamar who was nominated for a few Soul Train Music Awards!  Well….Ms. Tamar walked away with her first ever music statue and her family was there to cheer her on!!  So, in addition to being excited for our girl Tamar, we have to get excited that BFV premieres tonight at 9pm on We TV!!  I caught up with sisters Traci and Trina Braxton on the red carpet of the Soul Train Awards and they spilled the tea on a few things fans have been wanting to know!

Are you and Gabe finally getting a divorce?


“You know life is difficult. You know and when you are expressing personal decisions in front of America and in front of everyone, you open yourself up to a lot of opinions.  And sometimes that kind of clouds your decision making.  So, I need some time to step back and let God and move myself out of the way.  So, it’s been a difficult transition.  It really has, so it’s more than just myself, it’s more than just me and Gabe.  It’s me and it’s Gabe and it’s our family.  We have two children who we both love.  So, right now we’re concentrating on being good parents.  My oldest son is in college and my youngest is in 10th grade so, it’s a long haul.”

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Trina and Traci also gave us a few other tidbits.  Trina has a duet with Tamar on Tamar’s Christmas album and I don’t think she’s moving to L.A. anymore.  Traci has put her dreams for her own beauty salon on hold, but she has dusted off her original dream of becoming a recording artist!  She is currently working on her debut album which is a mix of Mary J. Blige and Jill Scott.  She assured us she will not be walking off the stage this time!

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Watch the interview below:


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  • Wendy

    What is the real reason for the divorce? Clearly they still love each other. I don’t get it. From what I observed tonight, Trina and Gabe aren’t over yet. There was a lot of emotion being expressed and I believe Trina is feeling the pressures of family, friends & even the media to some extent as to what she should do in her relationship to be honest. Cause folk are quick to judge and to say what they would if that happened to me until it happens. The truth is you don’t know what you would do in any given situation until its your turn. Its a horse of a whole other color when its you that needs to put your big girl panties on!

    • Clair

      I agree they are not getting divorced ! They havent even said why she filed again

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